Eternity Comes to an End

   The night faded away, along with the events of it. Though, my sisters were still feeling the affects of relief from my getting back safely.

   When we were all awake, which was later than we'd hoped, the sun was up, warming everything. It was directly above us, the sun, so that told us it was about noon.

   We spoke little, as we packed up our temporary camp sight, and continued on with our journey.

   Much time had passed by the time we finally stopped for a rest. I didn't feel I needed it, but Marie said that we had to stop frequently so the animals feet could rest.They had paw pads, and on the rough terrain, their paws could get really sore and cut up.

   I feel bad in being this way, but the animals are so quiet, I could forget that they were with us. And, of course, after thinking that, I felt terrible.

   Looking at Farah, I noticed that she kept switching her weight onto different paws so as not to feel too much pain. Also, it seemed to be that she didn't like the heat of the rocks underfoot.

   From seeing this, an idea popped in my head. I took one of the leather pouches of water, and poured some out into a little dip in the ground.

   "Farah, come here," I said softly. She looked up at me, surprise in her eyes,  but nonetheless came to me.

   I gently took her paw, and dipped it into the little puddle of water I'd made. She was surprised by the water, but after a moment, she took her one paw out, and did the same with her other paws.

   Simbar and Rayden watching this, came up to the puddle, and did the same.

   "Sabrina, do you think you could mend their paw pads so that it doesn't bother them too much?" I asked my sister so softly it's a wonder she heard me; I looked up, catching her eyes.

   She smiled and knelt beside us. She, with tender care, placed her palms upon Simbar's side, gently pushing him to lay down. Hands hovering about Simbar's muscular body, a silver beam of light, only just visible in the daylight, shot out of her palms, healing and nurturing Simbar's pain. In moments, Sabrina sat upright once more and smiled at me.

   "Great; Now, Simbar, rest your paws in the puddle. It'll cool them down and numb what's left of the pain, if there's any. Farah, come here," I commanded softly.

   Farah came and laid upon her side, as Simbar had previously done, and in few moments, she, too, was healed. Rayden followed Simbar and Farah's actions, and he to was well rested in a matter of seconds.

   "Thank you," they said simultaneously. Sabrina nodded, as did I.

   That was a really great idea, Sadie. I'm surprised I didn't come up with it. I could hear the bell-like sound of Sara's laughter. I grinned at her, and she grinned back.

   "I swear, I think these mountains go on forever!" Sara stated, listlessly kicking stones out of her way as we walked on, and on, and on. "Maybe they should've been called the Endless Mountains instead of Eternal Mountains."

   "They are what they are, and we cannot change that. But I can assure you that they do not go on forever, as you may think," Marie said, patting her on the back patiently. This was only the third time I've heard Sara complain.

   We stopped little, spoke little, and walked for many, many hours more. Long gone, far behind us, the Eternal River still flowed, pulsing life throughout the monotonous background.

   Finally, as daylight began to wain, one single screech came from above; somehow, I instantly knew that it had been Kimberly to warn us of what was coming.

   We all looked up, squinting in the bright orange light of the dying sun. Kimberly, a honey-golden-brownish colored falcon, circled four times until she was within hearing distance for us.

   "There is maybe half a mile left before we are out of the mountains. Malice and Jaen have flown ahead to search for any signs of danger, and found none. Though they do warn us of Empimels. They are miles south, but their sense of smell is great, and they may have discovered your track, and possibly follow. We will keep watch and warn you if they come. Be careful; they are extraordinarily fast. Malice is keeping first watch," Jaen told us swiftly.


The End

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