Standing up behind the large wall of rock I'd been using as my hiding spot, I walked out into the open.

   I said nothing as I strolled into their campsite; I was too tired to do much anything else.

   "Oh thank Mesmar!" Marie shrieked, running up to give me a bear-hug. "Oh, you stink!" She added, plugging her nose and taking an immediate step back.

   "Oh, you know how Sfifts are. They stink, and blow snot in your face," I replied, laughing lightheartedly.

   Sara and Sabrina stood up slowly; they were obviously relieved to see me, but I could tell they were extremely shocked that I'd come back.

   "Well, what do you know? She is alive," Gabe said nonchalantly as my sisters and I hugged. Though Gabe had his own way of expressing his feelings, it was evident he was relieved that I was okay, too.

   My sisters and I took a step back from each other, and just stood there, staring at each other with unspoken love.

   "What do you mean? Of course I'm okay," I asked Gabe when the moment was over.

   "Then why weren't you answering Sara and Sabrina when they tried communicating in that really weird way that you guys do," he asked skeptically.

   "I'm sorry? I never heard them," I answered truthfully, looking at my sisters again.

   "What?" they spoke simultaneously.

   We discussed what had happened previous to my return and also theorizing about why I coudn't hear my sisters. I came up with the unproved solution of: I was simply just too tired and unaware of my thoughts. Which was, in some, way true.

   I hadn't said anything about communicating with the stars to them yet, but I certainly planned on it.

   I'm not sure if it was because they overheard my private thoughts, or because they just felt like dropping in, but once again, I heard the soft, sweet whisper of the stars.

   "We are glad you made it back safely, Sadie. Do take care of yourself. Dawn will come in an hour, and we'll not be here until next nightfall. Tell your sisters 'Hello' for us."

    Without really thinking about anything except fulfilling the stars' will, I blurted out, "They say hello."

   Sadie and Sara looked at me questioningly. Gabe started snickering, and Marie slapped him hard on his arm.

   "Does Sfift snot, full on in the face, make people crazy, Marie?" He said, trying to control himself- obviously, his attempts were lazy.

   "No, Gabe, it does not, and Sadie is not crazy. Sadie, who says hello?" Marie turned to me, still irritated by Gabe.

   "I'm sorry; I should've explained first. The stars say hello; I know. It sounds really weird, but they speak to me," I mumbled, staring down at my feet.

   "Wait. So, you can communicate with the Stars? That's awesome!" Sabrina exclaimed.

   "Sadie, that's great," Marie and Sara complimented.

    Pulling off his shirt and tossing it at me, Gabe said, "Wipe that snot off your face."

   Okay, I had to admit this: Gabe was gorgeous without his shirt. I never pay attention to anything like that, and never have. But then again, I've never been in this kind of a situation.

   I prayed to Mesmar that Gabe hadn't noticed the fact that I couldn't stop staring at him. The glow of the moon bouncing around made it look as if his hair was silver, and his pale skin looked radiant in it's hazy shine.

   I knew Sabrina was facing the same dilemma I was; and I couldn't be totally sure about Sara, but I was pretty sure she was thinking along the same lines.

    I did as Gabe had asked me to do as I started speaking about my journey back. I noticed that as I was speaking, Gabe seamed transfixed by my story, captivated; mesmerized, even. Unfortunately, his good-natured air hadn't lasted long. Too soon, he was back to his brash self.

   "I don't mean to interrupt, but could I get my shirt back? It's a bit chilly," Gabe said gratingly. At his remark, I remember that I still held onto his shirt in my lap.

   Just because Gabe was magnificently gorgeous didn't mean I enjoyed having to endure his cocky stance. He could be a real pain when he wished to reek havoc amongst us.

   Without a word, I tossed his shirt back at him, getting him in the face. He flinched, not expecting it like that. Mentally smirking, I continued on with my story as if nothing had happened.

The End

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