Star-filled Skies

   After the avalanche, and Farah's and my recovery, the rest of the day passed without incident. Marie and Gabe continued fighting like a brother and sister normally do, only in hushed tones, and Sara, Sabrina, and I started to get to know each other better, being we'd just met for the first time in fourteen years.

   Basically, Sara is very compassionate and Sabrina is competitive and always keeps going, even when it looks bad, and she wants to give up. So, with my clever thinking, we make a very good team.

   I found out that Sara and Sabrina had stopped the avalanche from going further when they saw that I had tripped and was shrouded by all the boulders. Apparently Gabe hadn't been paying attention then, and didn't realize that my sisters were the cause... so, that was a good thing.

   When twilight settled in, we rested.

   "We should stay here for the night and continue on in the morning," Gabe commented.

   "No... I wanted to show these girls something; but it has to be night for us to be able to do it. If you wish, you may stay here, and we will go on," Marie told him.

   "Is that the thing you were talking about earlier, when we had first started off this morning?" Sara asked.

   Duh... it has to be. What else could it be, if she was talking about it this morning? Sabrina asked sarcastically.

   Marie nodded.

   "Are you crazy? You'll get lost!" Gabe quietly yelled, exasperated.

   "No, I don't believe we will," Marie said with a wry look at me.

   "I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean, Marie," I told her, confused by the look she'd just given me.

   "You will. So Gabe; you have a choice: either you can come with us tonight, or you can stay here while we travel tonight," Marie said firmly.

   "I'm coming with you guys. No way am I staying here alone when I have the option of being around humans, even if they're not normal," Gabe answered.

   "We're going to let that insult slide, being you obviously don't know us well enough to know better than to affront us when we're right here," My sisters and I said, giving him a cold glare.

   "Whatever you say," he said patronizingly.

   I looked at Sara and Sabrina and shared with them what I was thinking. Sara shook her head no, and Sabrina shrugged. So, with the agreement of at least one sister, I concentrated on throwing a light stone into Gabe's shoulder.

   "Ow!" he exclaimed.

   "Sh... do you want to start another avalanche?" I asked sardonically.

   "Oh, real funny!" he muttered.

   "Gabe; be quiet! We do not need another avalanche. I've had one too many, and that's enough to last me a lifetime," Marie said.

   "But she-"

   "Shh...." We all interrupted.

   Gabe started muttering to himself words that I couldn't quite catch.

   Even though Sara disagreed with my actions, we all giggled at the affair that had just happened.

   When we'd finished eating and resting, Marie stood, saying, "Okay girls. If we're to see what I think you'll enjoy seeing, we must be on our way. Gabe, no complaining," Marie advised, giving a stern look at her brother.

   "So what is it that you're showing us?" Sabrina asked, giving one last attempt at finding out what we were doing.

   "You'll find out soon enough," Marie answered, giving no sign of weakness.

   "You girls are seriously going to let this obnoxious eleven year old boss you around and give you orders like she's thirty years  older than you?" Gabe asked incredulously.

   "Well, she appears to know what she's doing, when my sisters and I know absolutely nothing about these kinds of things," I pointed out with a look in the general direction Gabe should've be. It was so dark, I could barely see my hands when they were just a few feet in front of me.

   "Yeah, but she's eleven," he replied exasperated.

   "Yeah, and she's right here," Marie said sharply.

   Gabe chuckled. "What?" Marie asked.

   "Nothing," was his only reply.

    A few minutes passed until Marie had us stop. I could sense some new excitement coming... I was curious to find out what it was.

   "Sadie, I'm going to grab your arms and walk you over to where I want you to be. Then, I want you to concentrate very very hard on light," she instructed. Suddenly, Marie's cold hands were clamped onto my forearms and we started walking about two hundred feet backwards.

   What's going on? I can't see you. Sara asked me nervously.

   "Now nobody can speak," Marie ordered. Then, more quietly, she added to me, "Sadie, I want you to concentrate very hard on light, okay; I'm going to walk back to Sara, Sabrina, and Gabe once you're glowing. Can you do that?"

   I nodded. I closed my eyes and focused on light.

   "Good," Marie said quietly, making me jump. "Keep your eyes closed, and stay right there until you hear Sara or Sabrina's voice in your head." I nodded again.

   For just a moment, I heard Marie's footsteps fading away, and then all was silent. Slowly, a subtle fear crept in.

   Marie says to stay glowing, and spin around and around until I tell you to stop. That was Sabrina.

   Are you okay? That was Sara, who appeared to be very worried.

   Yes, I'm fine. And I'm starting to spin. I replied to them both.

   Minutes passed without a word as I kept spinning 'round and 'round. I began to worry. What if something had happened? What if I got separated from them?

   As I was slowing down, ready to open my eyes and search for them, Sabrina's voice chimed in.

   Stop spinning; open your eyes and take a minute to un-dizzy yourself. Marie says you have to find us using only the light that you're giving off and, quote, the stars.... whatever that means. Good luck. Don't take too long. Sabrina warned me.

   I took heed in what she said, and stopped spinning right away. As much as I hated it, I did take a moment to put my head between my knees to stop the spinning. Then, after that, standing up.

   Use the stars rang through my head. I'd never heard the voice that it came in, but it was strangely familiar. Like I should know who it was, but I couldn't think of it.

   What did it mean? was the question I should be asking myself; not wasting time on the unknown familiar voice.

   I thought for a little bit, but nothing came yet. I sat down again to think and save my energy. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and sighed. When I opened my eyes, my breath was stuck in my throat.

   Looking up, I could see the entire night sky filled with stars. Brilliant, twinkling dots were scattered in clusters throughout the dark heavens.

   And, for some reason, I felt at peace with this sight. Like I was finally home. It was a good feeling, just unexpected.

   I was so preoccupied with how good I felt, that I didn't notice the whispering. Whispers, some louder, some softer, were all sounding in my head at once. I know it sounds odd, but I can guarantee that I'm not crazy. But even though the voices were speaking all at once, I could make them all out.

   Welcome, and, Hello, sister were just a few things they were saying. I was so shocked by the fact that I was hearing the stars.

   Sadie, watch out behind you. There is a large animal coming towards you, they warned.

   I took heed and turned around, ready to fight off anything. Or so I thought.

   I was so unprepared by the sight of this large animal, I could've fallen over. In fact, I almost did.

   Basically, the animal was a ten-foot tall horse thing, only, it was totally different. For one, I've never seen a horse ten feet tall, and two, horses don't usually travel through the mountains. Marie told my sisters and I that on the way through Troy's Field.

   The horse thing snorted at me as it stopped walking about ten feet away.

   Stay calm, Sadie. Whatever you do, do not run from this creature, the stars whispered at me. It can be very dangerous to you if it feels threatened. Just stay still. It may sniff you, but don't flinch away. It will attack if you do, they warned again.

   As the stars had said, the horse closed off the distance, and a pungent stench hit my nostrils like a tomato hitting a wall. It was not a pleasant odor, either.

   The horse thing poked its muzzle right in my face. I almost gagged and took a step back, but I remembered that I mustn't move anything other than the heavy rise and fall of my chest from the excitement.

   The creature snorted again, covering my face with the disgusting snot. Instead of fear, my mind was filled with disgust.

   Sadie, are you okay? Sara's voice rang through the walls of my mind, almost making me jump.

   It's a bit of a bad time at the moment, Sara. I'm fine though, don't worry. I lied to her.

   Okay? What's going on? That was Sabrina's voice, loud and clear.

   Oh, nothing really. Just this enormous horse-like creature thing blowing snot in my face. But if I don't move, I'll be fine. Oh, and, I can speak with the stars. I told her nonchalantly.

   What?! Sabrina and Sara shrieked, giving me a headache, on top of the fear-slash-disgust.

   Marie says that the creature is called a Sfift. It'll eat your flesh if you move suddenly. So, please, don't move suddenly.

   Yeah, I already know the eat your flesh part. I didn't know their names. I'll be fine, don't worry. I think it's leaving anyways, so tell Marie that I'm fine.  I replied to my sisters' worried thoughts.

   The Sfift snorted, once again, and shook its smelly head in my face. Dirt and debris that had once clung to the sfift's head now clung to my snot-covered face. This night was turning out just perfect.

   The Sfift turned, and trotted back through the passage it had come from. I knew that no matter what, I was not going through there.

   You are safe for now. The Sfift has gone back to its nest about a quarter mile away. You best be finding your friends now. They have traveled about two miles west. If you're quick, you should reach them in an hour. We will always be here to help you during the nights to come. Go, now, Sadie. the stars whispered to me again.

   I looked up and searched for the Northern Star. In finding that, I was able to head west, and search for my sisters.

   As the stars had said, it only took me about an hour to reach the mini campsite that they had set up. I let myself stop glowing before stepping withing sight.

   "She probably got torn apart by that wild creature. It's her fault, though; she was stupid enough to linger around for so long." That was Gabe's voice, and he was being as pessimistic as ever.

   "No; she can't be dead. There are supposed to be three chosen ones. Sara; Sabrina; see if you can't talk to her with your telepathy,"  Marie instructed.

   "I haven't gotten anything yet," Sabrina said, giving Gabe a dirty look.

   "Nor have I anything to report," Sara added, shaking her head. They must have just tried to contact me through thought... But I hadn't heard either of them.

   Suddenly, from high up above, their was a screech. I knew from the start that it was Malice.

   I looked up, and, if I'm not mistaken, held eye contact with her.

   Malice continued circling in the dark night sky while Sara and Sabrina gave each other troubled looks, and Marie and Gabe looked around, searching for the disturbance.

   When Malice stayed quiet, Marie and Gabe gave up searching, casting weary glances around every once in a while.

   Several minutes passed by as Gabe, Marie, and my two sisters continued talking about what could have happened to me, why I wasn't back yet, and all the other dreary thoughts passing through their mind.

   As Marie yawned, the wind direction shifted. A deep growl rumbled in his chest as Rayden stood up looking around.

The End

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