A Girl and A Fox

   I hadn't a clue as to how much time had passed. Days could have gone by, and I wouldn't have noticed.

   I heard shouting and objects shifting around. It wasn't until a while that I remembered what happened and where I was.

   Farah! My thought track shifted suddenly to the slender fox I called my companion.

   I tried as hard as I could to move my head, hoping for a better look at my surroundings. But, with the weight of all the rubble pressing on me, my neck was pinned to the spot, with no allowance for movement.

   Suddenly, the shouting became clearer. "Sadie!" Desperate cries filled the air in their search for me.

   Sadie? Sadie, are you there? Can you hear me? 

   It was Sabrina.

   I'm here. I hear you.

   Oh Thank GOD!

   "Hey! She's alive!" Sabrina announced with relief.

   "Okay, she may be alive-" before Sara could finish, Gabe cut in.

   "How in the world do you know she's alive?"

   Ignoring Gabe, Sara continued. "She may be alive, but where is she?"

   Worry about Farah first. I commanded them.

   "She wants us to look for Farah first," Sara said, sounding tired and frustrated.

   "Farah? No. Our first priority is to worry about her," Marie demanded.

   I can hear you guys aloud. I'm not sure if that helps but I think you guys are close. And I want you to search for Farah first. Nothing matters to me at the moment. You know that I'm okay; so search for Farah.

   "She says that she can hear us aloud, so we should be close. She says she's okay, but she insists on searching for Farah first," Sabrina relayed my thoughts.

   "She can hear us?" That was Marie, sounding a little more relieved now.

   "Sadie, if you really can hear us try to make some sort of sound. A cough, yell, anything you can do," Gabe's voice was extremely calm. I almost started to wonder if situations of panic made him calmer.

   I doubted I could speak, so it was a good thing that a cough was coming. 

   Though the cough stung my dry throat, I could handle that. A little sting was better than the crushing weight of the boulders.

   "Shh. Did you hear that? It came from over there," Sara said, searching in the direction I hoped was where I was.

   I coughed again.

   "Gabe, I'm going to do something. Okay? You can repeat this to absolutely no one. Nobody can know about this. Not until the time is right. And right now, the time is totally wrong. Do you understand," Sabrina's voice was stern.

   "Do whatever it is you have to do," Gabe's answer was cool.

   Sadie. I'm going to try to move these boulders. Let me know if the pressure releases at all.

   Sabrina, you're not strong enough to move these on your own. There's no way you can lift these things by yourself, I retorted.

   I wasn't talking about using my hands to move these, she answered patiently. She showed me what she meant, lending me a peek at what she had in mind.

   Understanding filled me.

   Okay. I'm going to see if I can’t try to lift the ones on me off first. If you see any movement, that's me.

   I closed my eyes, concentrating. In my mind's eye, I could see the boulders lifting off of me; feel the pressure lifting from my body; I could smell and taste the clean fresh air filling my lungs; hear the boulders release me from their grasp.

   When I opened my eyes, the pressure had released a little bit. I could move my head and look around now, but I could still only see rocks, and there was no sign of Farah yet.

   "There!" Rayden's voice sounded for the first time.

   "I'm here," I tried to call out, but my words were soft and my voice was rough.

   I closed my eyes concentrating again, imagining the same reaction.

   The pressure lifted a little bit more.

   I need your guys' help. I can't get them all off alone.

   The pressure lifted again, and again, until I could almost breathe some fresh air.

   "It's working," I called out again, relieved to see that my voice was stronger now.

   "That's her voice," Sara shouted, excitement clear in her voice.

   I concentrated again, and all but about two hundred pounds were off of me now.

   "I can get these last boulders myself. Focus on Farah now. She's my main concern," I told them, worry filling my mind even though I was very much safe now.

   "As you wish," Marie's answering voice let a flood of relief wash over me.

   Concentrating really hard once more, I let the last of the weight off me, and was able to breathe real deep breaths of real fresh air. Well, it was fresh except for the dust the avalanche had risen.

   Trying to stand, I found that my ankle was twisted beyond belief. I couldn't put any pressure on it without screwing up my face in pain. I was caught off guard by the pain the first time, and almost cried out like a small child. But I was able to stand eventually.

   Can you walk on your ankle? Sara asked skeptically.

   Of course not... Nobody can walk on their ankle, I joked, earning myself a cold stare.

   Alright then; can you walk on your foot? Sara asked, getting annoyed.

   "Not really," I replied out loud.

   "'Not really' what?" Sabrina asked, her blue eyes staring intently at me.

   "She doesn't think she can walk with her ankle in its current state," Sara replied, casting me an irritated glare.

   "Yeah... my ankle is just tragic. I'm still alive, and, other than my ankle, unscathed. Yet, while we're fussing over my ankle, Farah could be seriously injured, or worse, dead. So, can we please get a move on?" I asked, getting upset that Farah could be in danger while I'm at the center of attention.

   "Farah!" I called out.

   Gabe locked his eyes on me. I knew what he was thinking, and the answer was no, I did not want another avalanche.

   And then I got an idea.

   "Sara, Sabrina; what if we worked together to send all the rocks from here back a ways... for one, Farah was maybe five feet away when I fell, and second, it would make it easier for me to maneuver," I suggested to them. "There is a risk, though, that we could start another avalanche if we're not careful," I added, thinking deeper into my plan.

   "That could work," Sara nodded her approval as Sabrina spoke.

   "We should stand together, then. But you'll have to come to me. Obviously, I can't walk too well," I pointed out.

   Sadie and Sara rushed over to me, and we joined hands. I don't know why, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

  "Try that in a circle," Marie suggested from not far from behind us.

   Sadie and Sara, being at the ends, grabbed each others' hands, and we were in a circle.

   Before we start, we should imagine that when we're moving the rocks away, Farah is revealed. See the rocks blow away and Farah in their place; hear the rocks' noise as they crash back into the ground; feel the Earth shake as they move; taste the dust in the air; and finally, smell the fresh air as the rocks create the breeze bringing it to us. Got it?

   Yeah, we have it, Sara and Sabrina answered me, an icy calm flooding all of our minds.

   We concentrated as hard as we possibly could. Hearing the sound of rock on rock, I opened my eyes to see a wall of boulders soaring back into an unkempt pile at least thirty yards back.

   From the corner of my eye, I noticed Gabe staring with his mouth wide open. Marie nudged him with her elbow, and I could tell his thoughts were coherent once more.

   Searching the ground around me, I saw a reddish-orange lump that was Farah lying about ten feet away. If you looked closely, you could see a slight  rise and fall in her chest; she was alive, but only just.

   I tried to rush forward to her, but Sara held me back with a firm grasp on my arm. I gave her a cold glare, though I knew inside that she didn't deserve it. She was just trying to help.

   I lowered my eyes, and let her help me get to Farah. When we reached her, I carefully knelt down to my knees and sat by her side, bending over her. Marie was not far behind me.

   "Will she live?" I asked, uncertain that I really wanted to know the truth. Usually, my father says, "Everything will be fine, honey," whether it will be or not; my mother just said, "So long as you survive, it will be." I longed for them to be with me right then. Overtaken with grief that my parents couldn't be here, and also by the ugly fact that Farah may or may not make it, a few tears escaped the safety of my eyes.

   "She will," Marie said gently, touching her hand to my forearm. 

   "Please don't lie to me," I said, angry that she would try that on me.

   "I'm not lying. Look," She whispered.

   I did look, not wanting to see what I knew I would see. But instead of Farah on her death bead, she stirred. She slowly lifted her head, and tried to get up.

   Sabrina pressed lightly on her side keeping her down.

   "You know the moon has the power to heal?" Marie hinted.

   Sabrina looked at me, and I nodded my approval. Closing her eyes again, her hands hovering over Farah, Sabrina took a deep breath and concentrated. At first, nothing happened. But then, moments later, a bright light materialized from her hands, flowing and glowing into Farah, disappearing into her flesh.

   Sabrina removed her hands, and opened her eyes. Farah was lying limp. But then she stirred, looking as if the avalanche had never happened. She bounced to her paws.

   "I thank you deeply," She barked roughly. "As I also thank you deeply, too," She said, turning to face me and Sara.

   "Do you want me to try that on your ankle?" Sabrina asked.

   "Sure, be my guest," I answered gratefully.

   Sabrina healed my ankle for me, and I could walk easily again. I nodded my thanks.

   The girl, which was me, and the fox were now fully recovered from the devastation of the avalanche.

The End

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