Voices In Our Heads

    It is okay, I thought. Try again, I encouraged her with my mind. She looked up at me, eyes wide with surprise.

"Did you just talk to me?" Sabrina asked cautiously.

"I didn't say anything aloud. Why?" I asked, my excitement from moments ago fading into suspicion.

"Because I just heard your voice loud and clear in my head, that’s why. Try it again," Sabrina said sternly.

I'm so confused, I thought, wondering if Sara could hear me too.

   "Me too," Sara and Sabrina stated at the same time. We burst out in a fit of laughter at the same moment.

   "Would someone fill me on what's going on, please? One moment we were focusing on moving a stone, and now, we're laughing about hearing voices in our heads," Marie asked, her voice ringing with amusement.

   "I believe they can hear each other in their heads," Simbar elucidated in his gruff voice.

   "Try that on me," I suggested, eager to know if I could hear my sisters in my head, as they heard mine in theirs; not paying attention to what was going on with Marie, Farah, Simbar, and Rayden.

   Can you hear me? and This is way fascinating! sounded in my mind, clear as bells; it was so distinct; I could tell that Sara was the one asking if I could hear her.

   "Yes and tell me about it!" I answered them both aloud, enthusiastically.

   "Hey Marie; tell me if you can hear me," Sara commanded.

   Sara screwed up her face in concentration, as Marie sat waiting expectantly, arms hugging her knees, motionless except her chest expanding and contracting as her lungs pumped air throughout her small body. Farah, Simbar, and Rayden sat waiting; wearing bemused expressions.

   "It's like something's trying to get through to me, but there's nothing clear. I think I have the gist of the message, but that could be because I'm already very intuitive," Marie reported.

   Disconsolate, Sara tried to be optimistic, saying, "That's okay. Maybe it's just because you're not really related to us, like sisters."

   "That's exactly why," Marie agreed with her, lightening the mood a little bit.

   "I think we should get going again. It makes me uneasy, just standing around here after what happened only minutes ago," I suggested.

   "I agree," Farah concurred.

   What do you mean? Sara and Sabrina's voices' sounded in my head.

   I mean, I don't like just sitting around right now. I'm still jumpy. And Sara, you should definitely still be jumpy after what could have just happened to you. I feel like the mountain lions are still around, unseen but nearby, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike again, I explained silently to my sisters.

   I could feel them nod at me internally, and was grateful for discovering this ability to communicate in silence with my "new" sisters, though we've had our kinship all our lives. This new way of communicating could come in handy; especially in a difficult situation.


The End

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