It's Magic

As we walked, the questions flowed, and the answers followed. Marie was answering our questions more easily, and that made the long journey easier.

   Farah, Simbar, and Rayden followed us, for the most part staying silent.

   "It won't be long, and we'll have reached the mountains," Marie stated.

   "Marie? Where did you come from; like what city are you from?" Sara asked quietly, as if she was afraid of offending her.

   "I come from the city of Anthony. When David heard of my wisdom, he asked me to come to the city of David. He wished for me to decipher a prophecy he'd had in a dream, two hundred years ago. It was just three weeks ago that I told him what it meant, and after that he didn't want me to leave. Four days ago, I told him I must leave, for there was a task at hand I had to attend to. That task was you three. Once we reach David, and you speak with David, you will be on your way. You three will continue on your on, and when you've accomplished your quest, you will go back to David. I cannot stress this enough: Be careful. This mission is no game. You can't mess around. Time is of the essence. If you mess up, you cannot get another chance. Once it's done, it can't be undone. You will get hurt. You will face decisions you don't want to face. But you have to survive. After this journey of yours, it's up to you three to keep the balance in Mesmar," Marie's voice was shaking as she spoke. She sounded like she was close to tears.
   "You speak as if we will not ever see each other again. Why?" Sabrina spoke all our thoughts aloud.
   "I speak like I do, because we may not see each other again. Once we reach David, you three are on your own. I'm going back to Anthony," Marie said.      "What? Why? How are we going to do this without you?" Sara asked, looking hurt.    "Don't try to persuade me to stay with you. This is your destiny; not mine. It's you three who matter. You will do just fine without me," Marie said.
   "She's right," Farah spoke for the first time in a while.     "I agree," Simbar spoke for the first time I heard. He had a deep gruff voice.

   "As do I," Rayden's husky voice sounded from behind me.

"You agree with Marie?" I asked the three animals, as we continued walking towards the great mountains.

Farah sighed. "We have reached the mountains. Remember: we must be quiet. We do not want to cause an avalanche; nor do we want certain things heard by unknown characters, human or not."

"Okay. We can be quiet, but will you answer Sadie's question?" Sara asked at not just Farah, but Simbar and Rayden, too.

She sighed again, Simbar and Rayden joining in too.

But before they got the chance to answer, Malice, Kimberly, and Jaen screeched a sign of warning. The air was filled with their constant screams.

Jaen circled lower, flying down 'til he was just above my head.

"Mountain lions. A pack of them. At least seven. They're coming this--" His words were cut off as we heard hisses and snarls from the pack coming towards us.

"Well, look at this!" One exclaimed.

"We'll be eating nicely tonight," one next to the first speaker said, licking her lips.

"No, you will not," Rayden snarled, bearing her teeth.

"And who are you to stop us?" the first speaker asked coldly.

Fear overwhelmed me, as well as my sisters and Marie.

The first mountain lion who spoke got ready to leap at Sara. "NO!" I screamed as he was in mid air. Going with instinct and not paying attention to how I did it, I threw my hand out, and the mountain lion was knocked to the ground, hundreds of feet away.

Breathing hard, I turned to the rest of the pack saying, "You will leave us to travel in peace now, or you'll share the same fate as him," with a nod in the direction of the wounded lion.

All but one lioness scattered back into the mountains. The one left behind gathered up what I assumed was her mate, and helped him limp back into the mountains.

"How did you do that," Sabrina and Sara stared at me, eyes wide with the left over fear and anew shock that they were feeling.

"It's magic," Marie smiled at me. "That was a basic move, but still. Good progress,"

"Wait, so... we can all do that?" Sara asked, Sabrina nodding in agreement with the question.

"Yes. You will all be able to do that. The basic skills have no names, but each unique type does," Marie explained.

"Okay, by 'unique type' you mean the Sun, Star, and Moon, right?" I asked.

"Yes. Each one has a similar affect. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but you each can give off light from your bodies. The sun is the brightest, because it lights the day; the star is the second brightest because it they shine at night, and the moon has a distinct glowing about it, because the moon gets it's light from the sun. I know not of their names, but they are the most basic of the unique types of magic," Marie explained further.

"Okay... so, do you know how we can reach this magic?" Sara asked, excited to be learning of this.

"No. I do not. For I have never done such magic. Only seen, and that was a long time ago, in a dream. I assume that you must search deep within yourself for such power. And never, have I heard of it coming naturally to a person; until now, that is," Marie answered.

"Um... do you know how we can reach the basic magic skills, like Sadie did?" Sabrina asked, referring to her and Sara; the smallest hint of envy in her voice. I could understand this, though. I had been the first, and so far, the only of the three of us to do any form of magic.

"Yes. You think of what you want, really hard, with lots of concentration, and then you look within yourself, not so deeply, and you make it happen," Marie elucidated.

"So, it's almost like wishing on a fallen star, only, you're the one making it real?" Sara ventured.

"Kind of. Let's say, you want that stone over there to move out of your path. Well, you imagine it moving out of your path; you can see it, hear it, feel the ground shudder in the least, as it moves out of the way," Marie said, as the stone came and landed at her feet. "See?"

"Whoa! That is astounding!" Sabrina remarked.

"Thanks. You care to try it?" Marie asked, nodding encouragement, when Sabrina took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

The stone lifted for a split second, then fell back to the hard ground. Sabrina lifted one eye half way to check her progress; her face fell, crestfallen at the stone's centimeter of change.


The End

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