Entering, Marie asked the man behind the desk, “Excuse me, could you tell me where Sara and Sabrina are lodging?”

“Sabrina is on the third floor, down the hall—eighth door to the left,” the man said.

“What about Sara?” Marie and I asked.

“There is no Sara lodging here at the Eastern Sun,” the man said, looking at his papers.

“Okay, thank you.” Marie took my wrist and we started up the wooden stairs.

The interior of the Eastern Sun really was beautiful. The walls were a rich mahogany color, and there was plenty of light coming in from the many windows. I wish I could have had more time to ogle at it, but Marie was in a great hurry. Farah was right behind us; along the way, few people were wandering about the halls and stared in wonder at the big fox following us. Malice was outside circling the magnificent building.

Coming up the second set of stairs, I quite literately ran into a girl flying—not so literately—down the stairs.

“Would you watch where you’re going!?” the girl exclaimed. Me, I just stared at her, my mouth hanging wide open.

The girl looked up, and, moments later we were staring at each other with our mouths dangling from our heads, and our eyes as wide as wagon wheels.

The girl looked exactly like me. I’m talking: same curly black hair, same glowing blue eyes that looked like they had a pulse of their own, same pale skin, and, oddly enough, same clothes. No joke.

“Are you Sara or Sadie?” the girl asked, not taking her eyes off me.

“Sadie; I’m guessing you’re Sabrina?” I said, mimicking her tone of shock.

Sabrina nodded, her eyes still wide.

“Sabrina, where is Sara?” Marie asked, obviously not quite as surprised as me or Sabrina.

“She’s not here yet; her falcon just left, saying she was just entering town. I was on my way down to greet her when I ran into you,” Sabrina confessed.

“Okay, we’ll come with you. Farah will stay in your room though, if that’s okay,” Marie suggested.

“Yes, of course- …” she trailed off, not knowing Marie’s name.

“Marie. My name is Marie.”

“Okay Marie, Farah will stay in my room and she can get acquainted with Simbar,” Sabrina said, leading us back up the stairs, down the hall, and to the eighth door on the left.

“Here is my room. We will be right back,” Sabrina told Farah. Marie looked at her questioningly. “Unless you don’t want to go greet Sara,” Sabrina said, looking at the pair of us.

“No, I want to go,” I said, just after she got done speaking.

Marie nodded, saying, “Yes, sorry. I was just a little light headed, that’s all.” Sabrina shut the door after Farah walked inside. The three of us went back down the two flights of stairs and into the lobby. The man behind the desk ogled at us as though we were foreign creatures.

When we exited the lodge, many people reacted in the same way the man behind the desk did. One of the little boys on the street pointed at us and started yelling for his mom to come and see. I was beginning to wonder if these people had never seen identical people. Back in Troy, I have an aunt who had twins. People didn’t ogle at them.

We reached the gate in time to see a girl—not such a big surprise now—who looked just like Sabrina and me. That includes same clothes. I was still a little freaked out by the fact that there were three of me, well, kind of three of me. I guess I could say three look-alikes.

Sara stopped dead in her tracks, giving the same reaction Sabrina had towards me and vice-versa. Sabrina and I looked at each other, saying with our eyes that this was really, really bizarre.

“Sara, this is Sabrina and Sadie,” Marie said, pointing at Sabrina and me in turn. “I’m Marie. Do you have the object your letter spoke of?”

Sara nodded, still shocked by the fact that the three of us are identical.

“Good. Come with us, and we’ll get you a room at the Eastern Sun Lodge,” Marie suggested.

“Actually, Marie, all the rooms are occupied. We’ll all just have to share my room. The bed is big enough for four of us,” Sabrina explained.

“What about Rayden and Jaen?” Sara asked.

“Rayden will sleep with Farah and Simbar. There is a corner in the room where they can sleep,” Sabrina told her. “And Jaen will be with Malice and Kimberly, outside in a tree. Falcons are not well-treated here in Troy. I don’t know why, but people are just afraid of them.”

Sara nodded again, and closed the distance between us. We all walked back to the Lodge and entered the lobby. The man behind the desk was even more psyched out than the last time.

“There are three of you!” He exclaimed.

Sabrina, Sara and I nodded in his direction and continued up the stairs. Passer-by’s stared in shock at us as we headed for Sabrina’s room. We passed the rich mahogany walls once more and soon we were just outside the room.

“Here it is. We’ll probably only be here for the next day, possibly two. But if what the letter and Marie say is true, then we’ve not much time to waste,” Sabrina explained. We all stepped in the room, and I finally got a chance to really look at the space.

The walls were stone, the floor wooden. There was an enormous window in the center of the wall facing east. Smaller windows were scattered amongst two other walls. We were a corner room. Along the wall that wasn’t along the outside, a painting of a beautiful scene was displayed. The bed lay in the middle of the wall, beneath the painting. A wooden trunk lie at the foot of the bed; a desk and chair sat, looking out the large window facing east. The room really was beautiful; actually, it was the view that was truly breath taking.

The Eternal Mountains sat tall and strong to the east; and the Eternal River flowing majestically. Troy’s Field would be the first of our obstacles to tackle.

“Could you tell us why we’re travelling so far, and where we’re going?” Sara asked the question that, between the three of us, only I knew. Marie sighed.

  Sara and Sabrina stared questioningly at Marie, waiting patiently for the answers they both so desperately needed.

“We are travelling to see David. And yes, I do indeed mean David Mesmar, the one who is supposed to have been dead hundreds of years ago,” Marie said after a moment, looking at me for the last part, a smile revealing itself.

David Mesmar?!” Sara and Sabrina shrieked.

Marie and I nodded.

“Okay… I can face that. Now, could you tell us why we look exactly the same?” Sabrina asked, Sara and me nodding in agreement.

“I will admit that was a shock to me to. I can tell you only that you three are sisters. That much I was expecting; but for you to be identical, that was unknown.” Marie explained.

“But… we’re from three completely different cities. The Eternal Mountains and the Dark Forest separate our cities, making it pretty much impossible to travel from one another. And besides, we each have different parents. I’m an only child,” Sara contradicted.

“I, too, am an only child,” Sabrina agreed.

“And I’m an only child too. I don’t think it’s possible,” I established.

“Look. I don’t know how or why, but that’s what David said; and David is very, very wise. I don’t know how he knows what he knows, but he knows it. And for some reason, you three were Chosen. I don’t know the details, and I’m not meant to know unless you tell me. Your destinies are for you and you alone to find out. Now we should get a good night’s rest, and if we’re lucky, we can leave bright and early tomorrow morning,” Marie advised.

“But it’s only seven-thirty. It’s not even dark out yet.” Sabrina said, obviously disappointed in the answers that were given.

“Yes, well, Sara, Sadie, and I are very tired after a long day’s journey. We need rest. And I advise you to get some rest as well, for I can assure you, you will need every last bit of it.”

The four of us got comfortable and settled down for the night. Everyone else had fallen asleep, yet I laid there for another hour or so, thinking about how I apparently have two identical sisters. Also, I was kept awake by the worry of my parents, and also about meeting David. Along with my excitement and anxiety, I also didn’t know what to expect. Would my parents worry too much; did David look old or young; was there anything else Marie knew; would we even survive the journey to David; what was David like? All these questions didn’t help with my trying to sleep.

Eventually, I fell asleep. But when Marie was waking us up, it didn’t feel like I got any rest at all.

“You look really tired; did you get any sleep?” Sabrina commented.

“I did, but it was a restless sleep. I guess I’m just really worked up about all of this. Meeting David, and having sisters, I mean,” I told her.

“I know what you mean,” Sara and Sabrina said at the same time. The three of us started laughing.

“This is going to be really weird. We have to get used to this, you realize,” I pointed out.

“Yeah… this still feels like I just entered a very odd dream. It’s unbelievable,” Sara agreed.

“You better start believing it, because this is reality, and reality doesn’t lie,” Marie entered the room again, carrying a tray of food.

“Do you mind if I ask a question?” Sabrina spoke hesitantly. I had a feeling about what she was going to ask, but I wasn’t sure. But I learned that day to always listen to what your gut was telling you.

“Well, you just asked that one, but I suppose you can ask another,” Marie remarked, smirking.

“How old are you?” Sabrina ventured.

“I’m eleven, but I have the wisdom of that of a man that has lived for thousands of years; so David tells me,” Marie answered, a faraway look in her eyes, as though she was remembering a past life.

Really?!” Sara, Sabrina and I asked, shocked that she was three years younger than us. But, looking back on the journey she helped me make, it appeared to me that she did have the wisdom she just spoke of.

Marie nodded, and I could tell that my… sisters… and I were thinking the same thing: Wow.

We all sat on the floor, and took what we wanted of the food. When we’d finished, Marie said, “I’m going to go grab some sacs of water and food, and then we’ll be leaving for David. Grab what you wish to take, pack lightly, and I’ll be back in a moment.

The three of us took one extra change of clothes, for when we reached David, and weren’t too astonished by the fact that the outfits were exactly the same. I think we had all gotten pretty much used to that. It’s the being sisters part that still stunned us.

Until that day, I had never noticed how alive my eyes really were; or how long my hair was. It was like having a life sized mirror everywhere you went. And I could tell that that was how my sisters felt, too.

In all that had happened the previous day, I had totally forgotten about Farah and Malice, until Malice and the other falcons somehow flew through the solid window. I was so dazed—and so were Sara and Sabrina—that I had dropped my small pack—as did they.

“How did you do that?” Sara spoke all our questions first.

“How do you think we did it? Magic… Every animal has some magic ability, whether it’s flagrant or not,” Malice explained.

My sisters and I stared wide-eyed at the three birds. Karenna, Farah, and Jenna got up and padded over to the door where Marie was just coming back.

“Would you three be kind enough to carry the packs? They are not too heavy, and there are three, one for each of you,” Marie asked.

“Of course,”  “Sure,” and “Anything” were said by the three animals, as Marie placed each pack upon their backs.

“Are we ready to go?” Sara, Sabrina, and I asked Marie at the same time.

“I believe we are,” Marie answered.

We left the room, and soon, we were out of the gates of Troy. We walked and walked through Troy’s Field. It seemed like the golden grasses never ended. It was midday, several hours passed, when we came to a halt, resting in the heat of the day.

With no trees around for cover, we were right out in the open—something I wasn’t accustomed to. If anyone wanted to find us, it wouldn’t be that hard. But I was freaking myself out for no reason; I didn’t need to think about those kinds of things.

Sara passed one of the water sacs around the group of us. I took a grateful gulp when my turn came around, and then I passed the brown leather bag to Sabrina.

We sat, in our little circle, in silence for a while, until Sara asked, “So what do these necklace things do?” I hadn’t noticed, until then, that we all wore a silver pendant with a single sapphire in it. Mine was a star, Sara’s a sun, and Sabrina’s the moon.

“I don’t know,” Marie said, obviously hiding trying to hide something.

I looked right into her eyes, saying, “Come on Marie. We know you’re not telling the truth. You can tell us.”

“Yeah Marie; tell us,” Sabrina added, her voice almost hypnotic.

At first, our attempts showed no signs of effect. But moments later, Marie was sighing, a sign that she was waving the white flag in defeat.

“Okay, okay. Your pendants have a lot of magical power. In fact, if it weren’t for those and your eyes, I would’ve kept my mouth shut. I know that the three of you have all the basic skills, but you also have different abilities. For example, Sadie’s pendant is the star; so Sadie has the power of the stars. Sabrina you’ve the moon, so you’ve the power of the moon. And Sara has that of the sun, so she has the power of that of the sun. Does that make sense?” Marie explained to us.

The End

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