SAD Story

I stepped out of the shower, unpleasantly greeted by my reflection in the mirror.  "This SAD crap surely has done a number on me."  I've read practically every credible site when I Googled "Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder."  Whopping lot of help that was!  Get exercise, sleep better, eat better, get more sunshine.  All of that's supposed to help.  It's like one of those ridiculously clichéd vicious cycles.  If there were more sunshine, and less cold, snowy days, I'd get more exercise so I'd eat better and sleep better.

What do I try that I haven't tried before?  What haven't I tried before?  Weight Watchers?  Check.  Grrrr.  That "weigh-in" woman was a pain in the neck.  "Oops, up a pound and a half this week, must need to work harder.  Here, read this.  It'll help."  Like hell it did.

Work-out DVDs?  Got a lovely little collection.  Great stuff.  It's just all designed for someone who doesn't have any furniture.  C'mon, people!

Tanning... not recommended by SAD experts.  Drat.  That'd help clear up the acne I've got from eating all those cookies...

The End

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