Sad, But True

I'm practically having a nerveous breakdown, my friend is high on orange juice, and to top it all off the guy I like is just sick of me.
The diary of a confused teen, just trying, and often failing, to be accepted.
Sad but true.

I wondered to myself, again, how I'd got into this mess. And, more importantly, how I was going to get out of it... That fish had meant everything to her- how would she live without it? How would she ever forgive me? Could I forgive myself...? Unfortunatly, my remorse wasn't bringing Bubbles back to life- he was still bobbing uslessly on the surface of the tank water. Upside-down. So you might be thinking "So you killed a fish- so what?" If this is true then you clearly have no idea how attatched you can get to a clown fish. I mean, seriously, have you seen finding Nemo...? Focus, I told myself. I needed a plan: dead fish, dead friendship- Tess could actually kill me if she found out... Tess Greene, my best friend, was on hoiliday in Sweeden; "I'll even bring you back some meatballs," She'd said. "thanks for looking after Bubbles!" She woud have rammed those meatballs up my nose if she'd been there with me... I began to list my plans, while pacing up and down the Greene's shiney kitchen. "I could defibulate him..." I muttered. "No- wouldn't work with the water..." I continued my pacing. "Pretend he's sleeping... Reincarnate him..." My ideas just seemed to get worse and worse...I sighed- I knew there was only one option. "Buy a new fish." I said, (to no one in paticular since the house was empty) before walking over to Bubbles's tank. I plunged my hand into the water and closed it around the tiny fish's body, pulled him slowly out and- dropped him on the floor. He was slippy, okay? He hit the white tiles with a suprisingly loud splat. I bent down to pick him up more carefully, before mopping up the water he'd splashed on the floor with the sleeve of my hoodie. "Okay Bubbles, Time for a ride on the porcelin express..."

The End

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