Sacrifice Most Willing

This piece is about 100 brave soldiers going to buy time for the rest of their loved ones to escape from the marching army that is ready to destroy and kill everyone in their path.

The king stood upon the edge of the rocky plateau, looking out as the setting sun started to sink behind the majestic mountains in front of him. Birds of prey soared around the peeks of the mountains as he looked out, savouring the peace and quiet of the valley. Behind him, there were 100 of his bravest and most loyal warriors, silently tending to the flickering camp fires and contemplating the battle that was to come. These men knew that they would not likely survive the battle that was to come. They had been told this, 3 nights before, and yet they had still followed their king out of the gates of their city to face whatever lay in store for them. The king looked across the faces of these warriors, who had looks of determination upon them, preparing themselves for their end which was destined to come. He admired these men, who had willingly come with him to die for their country. He was honoured to fight with them. Looking back to the floor of the valley, the king saw why he and his warriors had come, a 10,000 strong army which had come into his lands ready to destroy his realm. The flames from the enemy camp flickered down below like angry little fireflies trapped in a jar and he could hear the drunken jeering from the enemy soldiers who celebrating the victory to come. He knew that 100 men would not do much to the 10,000 strong army, but it would hold them up for as long as possible. Looking up as the last of the sun’s rays shone over the peak of the mountain, the king held up a gold necklace with a ruby rose on it and watched the sunshine sparkle off the ruby. Sighing, he repeated the words he had said to his queen before he left, “I do this, my dear, not for our realm, but for our love”.

The End

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