Its Just Everyday

"Juliette! Your friends are here!" My mother screeched from the kitchen downstairs. I sighed and pulled my comforter over my head and tried to get back to sleep. I was having a good dream. I didn't remember what is was, of course but I knew it was-

"Hey Julie! We're coming up whether you're dressed or not!" I sighed and closed my eyes. I didn't want to see them. They were weird. Abnormal. Strange. 

The worst part was that I was associated with them. I was hence called weird, abnormal, strange. I didn't know if I liked them, but they liked me. They were the only people who accepted me.

"Wake up sleepyhead!" Marnie's dry voice whispered in my ear as she drew back the blanket. I sighed, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. I avoided their gazes as I climbed out of my bed and smoothed out the comforter.

"Are you uncomfortable with us again?" Eric sighed and I could hear him running his hands through his blonde hair. I shook my head and continued to flatten the comforter.

"That's pretty smooth now. Are you going to stop? There's no creases."

"Leave her be, Nico. She's having the dreams again. Besides, boss wants her to be healthy. The last informant died real quick." I froze but continued to rub my hands rhythmically over my covers.

"Shut up Eric!" Nico sighed. "Well she knows now for certain. Look at how her muscles tightened. Great."

"You boys are idiots. She's known since she started having the dreams." Marnie's voice was laced with scorn and I sighed again as I turned around. Marnie returned my glare with her own startling blue eyes. I shifted my gaze to Nico, who dropped his eyes within a second of eye contact. His black bangs fell over his forehead. I avoided looking at Eric altogether.

"Leave and let me get dressed." I pointed at the door, and Nico smirked.

"You look good in your nightie though! Can't I stay for the show?" I shook my head, vaguely disgusted. This was Nico. All three of them shuffled out the door and closed it gently behind them.

They were weird.

I rummaged through my closet for something clean. I threw on a blank blue t-shirt and dark jean leggings. I briefly passed over my brown hair with a brush and pulled it back into a ponytail. I trailed after them and floated down the stairs silently. Of course they heard me, though.

"You're as loud as an elephant Julie." Marnie said passively as she drank a glass of bright red liquid. Cranberry juice.

"I thought I was rather quiet." Marnie snorted and returned to her juice.

"Ignore Marnie. She's cranky because its Saturday and we dragged her over here at," Nico glanced at the clock, "nine in the morning." I shook my head and grabbed a glass of the juice, but Eric lunged forward and knocked it out of my hand.

"None for you." I rolled my eyes.

"Give me a glass of orange juice, then."


"Please?" Eric rolled his own brown eyes and did as I asked.

"Where's my mum? Wasn't she here a second ago?" Marnie and Nico exchanged a look as I accepted my glass and downed it in a gulp. Everything began getting a little fuzzy.

"She... went out." I frowned, and tried to form a response but none came to my lips. Nico lurched to his feet - wasn't he already on his feet? - and delivered a solid throw to my temple and I gasped as I collapsed.

Everything went dark.

The End

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