Sacred Power

Juliette Vaux is a regular sixteen year old girl, trying to make it through life. All she wants is to have a chance to sit down and draw something, or even to do well in a class to make her mother notice her. She also has a small, select group of friends that aren't exactly on the... normal... side of things.

"How about you tell us where the girl is, then you can go." The voice from the darkness snarled, and the cold blade pressed against his throat. He struggled for breath, but couldn't manage any words.

"If that's the way it has to be. Karl! Do as you please. We need answers, but obviously this is a waste of time." He trembled as cold hands caressed the vulnerable throat, but he knew he would refuse to speak. The girl was too precious to him, to let her fall into the hands of these... things. He inwardly shuddered. Never. Never would he do that. His heart wrenched at the thought of her. Her.

"Will you tell us what we need to know, boy?" A different, sinister voice whispered in his ear and he felt the flutter of the Power in the pit of his stomach. But thanks to the iron shackles clamped to his wrists, no good could come of it. He pursed his lips and he winced as one of the voices delivered a heavy, solid punch to his jaw.

Quietly, he reflected on his life up to this point. The abandonment, the training, finding her, to this. It would all be for nothing if he caved now. He couldn't. He closed his eyes against the gloom.

"The girl is important... you will reveal her, to us." He shook his head, the joints in his neck grating as his muscles ached. He couldn't withstand this any longer. If only they killed him now.

Finally, the words he had been itching to hear finally made their way to his grateful ears.

"He is useless. Kill him now."

"Yes, m'lord."

The End

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