Diary Entry 1

A brief introduction to our main character, Saber.
Yes, a book has been made about this, but I wish to recreate my own version of it.
Thank you.

Diary of Saber-

Diary entry 1

I got woken up by Theresa in the early hours of this morning, she was tossing and turning. Her face seemed so confused, and she just sat up suddenly, her eyes were wide open, it must been another one of those dreams she has been having. She seems to be having them more recently now. She laid there for hours, just staring at the ceiling, but she finally fell asleep.  I just laid there, waiting for the morning. I was thinking about Theresa, what was she dreaming about, she didn’t tell anyone, and she hadn’t told mother, father, or myself. This worried me, she had always been so happy, but inside I knew something was wrong, something that troubled her so much that she had dreams about it. I just hope she can be happy again, like she used to be.


It’s the morning now, mother is out for the day, and she said that she would be back later, she had something to do first. I think that she is out to get Theresa’s present, as it is her birthday. I had to get my sister something for her, I haven’t been able to think straight, my mind has been other places, and I didn’t know what to get her maybe I should ask father. I got dressed for the morning, I was just a small, scrawny boy, I hadn’t much so it was the usual, I had my baseball gloves on, my shorts, my t-shirt and my sandals, that had been through so much, I don’t know how much longer I was able to wear them before they wouldn’t fit or before they broke. I stretched, walked around the small martial house, it had two beds, a book case, an open fire, a small rug, and a wooden chair. The house wasn’t furnished well but it was enough to make a home. It was coming up to 8 o’clock. I walked to outside the house, to where my father was waiting. He looked down on me, he was about 6ft, maybe more. His name is Brom. He was wearing a brown and green woodlands outfit. His face was long, but rounded at the end. He had short, brown hair, a light stubble and he had deep hazel eyes. My father was a very understanding human, but I had always a strange connection with mother. Her name is Scarlet, and even though she was never here to spend time with us, as she is normally always out, but when she was here, she was always trying to keep Theresa and I out of harm’s way. Looking down at me he asked had a got anything for my sister’s birthday, I just looked away and he knew I hadn’t. He then told me to go round the town and do some good deeds for the villagers around Oakvale and that he would reward me with a gold piece for each good deed I had done. I shrugged. I didn’t talk, I was a mute. I have never talked. Not one word came out my mouth, which I guess is weird. I always expressed what I meant by using my body.


Oakvale was a small, peaceful village, which was located at in the south of Albion. I had never really travelled out of it, but I have always had the wanted to go and venture out, to see more of Albion, to see more than what reaches the eye. In Oakvale there was a tavern, where people of the village went to enjoy themselves and have a drink. A general goods shop where one could things like fishing rods, spades, food, and other useful everyday items. A melee shop, which sold weapons such as swords and cross bows. A storage warehouse which is where goods came in from the bay that some goods came in from overseas by boat, and crop fields where produce was grown. But nothing was open today, because it was a Sunday, so the beach and the shops weren’t open.

I strolled down the right side of the hill to start my mission of good deeds. I saw the young girl in the village, Emily. This girl was smaller than me, she had blue eyes. She had brown hair that was in a plait today, and she had a fringe, that was parted in the middle. She wore a white t-shirt underneath her blue t-shirt. Around her waist Emily had a royal purple cloth, which was tied up into a bow at the back. Her skirt was brown, it was poorly sown up, as the stitches we visible and loose, and it had pockets that were made of a darker brown material. Under her skirt she wore trousers; red and blue tartan trousers. Her shoes were the same as mine, yet hers were in better condition compared to mine. Emily’s facial expression looked sad, I knew that she was moving today to a town called Bowerstone South, or North, I couldn’t remember, but she seemed worried about something else. I walked up to her, and she explained to me about her problem, she had lost her teddy bear, she explained to me that ‘Rosie’ needed her stuffing changed. I agreed to help her find Rosie. After about five or so minutes, I saw the local the bully, who was Emily’s brother, and he was with Emily’s friend, I could remember his name at this point in time, which seemed weird. He saw me and pleaded me to get rid of this bully, he explained that he had Rosie, he was looking after it for Emily. Yet her brother was going to rip the head of the bear off. So, being myself, I ‘persuaded’ the bully to leave the kid alone. Emily’s friend gave Rosie to me, saying that she’d be safe with me. I ran back to Emily, her face lit up, and she gave me a smile as I handed her Rosie, she seemed eternally thankful as I did, she then skipped off to prepared for her journey. I knew I had done a good deed so I walked up to where my father was, still standing by the house, he had heard that I had done a good deed so he places one gold piece in my hand. I thought he would have given me more. So I had to continue my adventures.


I strolled down to where the tavern was, the tavern was a large inn where visitors of other towns would sleep for the night, get cheap drink, and gamble in some sort of coin game. I walked past there, to see my friend’s mother standing outside the melee shop. She was waving her hand around, this seemed like another good deed to me. I walked up to her, she seemed rather agitated. She just started ranting about how her husband was always off, with some no good woman, and how she was always looking after the children with no help. She asked me to look out for him, and if he was with some ‘tart’. So I agreed to help her. I knew for a fact where he’d be. He is normally always around by the end row of houses near where I lived, I sneaked round to where he was, and he was with a lady. He didn’t see me at first but, he soon tried to bribe with me with one gold piece to not tell his wife, but I wasn’t going to fool for that. I ran back to where his wife was, and I pointed in the direction to where he was, she went running off shouting something like ‘I will turn him into Balverine food…’ I wasn’t sure what that really was, but I followed anyway. She noticed me and thanked me for this, her words seemed to trail off into ‘you philandering swine…’ I just walked off so I didn’t get caught up in this affair. As gossip travels around Oakvale like a bullet, I then went on to see my father. He offered me once gold piece again.


I walked off again, to find some jobs, possibly the storage area had some deeds to be done. The storage area was basically a place where the drinks for the tavern would be kept. It was three barns, they were just simple, plain, brown and red barns, made out of wood. They had been there before I was born, they had a sturdy structure, which meant that they didn’t have to be constantly built back up because one of the roofs collapsed.  There was a man standing at the entrance, he seemed impatient and his eyes looked worried and he had an odd expression on his face. Once he set eyes on me, he ran over to where I was standing, I just looked at him as he started to talk to me. His voice was soft and gentle and had a slight lisp as he talked. I think that he was suggesting that he needed to go and answer a call of nature, but I knew that he wanted me to stay and look after the barns while he was gone. I nodded in agreement. I stood there, waiting for him to come skipping back. Instead, a little boy came naughtily running along to me. He started to talk to me, he had a slight hunch in his back, and he had dark green eyes. He rubbed his hands together, I wasn’t listening, but I think that he was talking about me breaking into the barns, but I just stood there, I wasn’t going to be prepared to be shouted at by my father for doing bad deeds, not today anyway. Soon the man came running back, as if he suspected that I would have done something wrong, but he thanked me for doing a good job, and that he’d tell my dad that I’d been such a good lad. The child that had been trying to convince me to do bad deeds was no just hopping around, like he was playing hopscotch, but without the grid.


I was walking through the centre of Oakvale, I passed the guards, and they wore blue uniform, except the joinery was red where pieces of fabric were joined. They wore hats that covered their eyes, and they stood up straight, but slightly arched their backs, so I guess that they were able to see what was going on. Their arms were crossed slightly and had a hand clenching their wrists, and in the other hand, they had their sword. I passed one of the guards and he muttered to me ‘have a nice day’. I presume that they had heard of my good deeds too. I walked along, to see other village folk. They all seemed so relaxed and chill, like they had no care in the world. Which was a good thing, I guess. The shops were closed, so I wasn’t able to buy a present from there.

I walked up to the house where I lived, father was still there, he looked at me and handed me another piece of gold, told me that he was pleased with what I was doing, but he had more to say this time. He explained to me that there was a trader down by the tavern, and he was able to give me a present with the gold pieces I had earned, also father had told me that Theresa was playing down in the fields by the exit. I waddled down the path way, to find this trader by the tavern. He just stood there staring at the scenery of Oakvale. I walked up to him, he started nattering to me, his voice was husky, his face was dirty from all the travelling and he had a long thin moustache that stuck out from either sides of his face. He knew that it was my sisters birthday, much of heard some talk of the town folk, and he offered me some sweets to give her, at only three gold pieces, all the money that I had earned from my deeds earlier this morning. I passed him the gold coins that were lodged in my pocket. He gave me the sweets, which were a box of chocolates. I ran to the fields where my sister was. She was hopping around merrily, her eyes were big and blue, her light freckles dotted evenly over her face, and her red tinted hair in two ponytails. She wore a long skirt, which looked like cotton, it had a red pattern on the side of the skirt, and she was wearing small poncho, which was also red.


I walked into the field and she told me that she was sorry if she woke me last night, she confirmed to me that it was one of her dreams again. I gave her the present that I had just bought. The expression on her face was happy, and she said that she was glad, and that I didn’t forget like last year. She was telling me that mother would be back soon, so we should get going, but I wasn’t concentrating properly, I kept on hearing something, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it is. Theresa started to walk back, she got to the gates, but before I could start walking, a screaming voice started coming in closer to the entrance. She paused. A man came through the entrance of the village and shouted as loud as he could ‘Bandits!’ I felt my whole life freeze. Theresa turned back and stuttered the words of ‘it’s just like my dream!’ she ran back to the house. I hid behind a part of the fences, where the grass had over grown.


Bandits ran past in the hundreds, they rain past with rage and anguish in their faces. They just kept on running in to Oakvale, so many of them, all carrying weapons of destruction, some swords, and some cross bows. I had never seen anything like this before. Everything was getting destroyed, burnt down, all there was were screams, things getting set on fire. All that ran through my head was were my family okay, where is mother, and father, and what about Theresa, did she get home safely…all these thoughts going through my head. I was terrified. Dawn soon set in on Oakvale, cries quieted down, all I could do was wait, but I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to know. Fire still alight and still rising up into the purple skies.  The town of Oakvale still burnt high in the skies, but I needed to leave my spot, they were sure to find me. Corpses lay all across the lanes, but I had to carry on, until I reached my house. I felt as if my heart beat stopped. His body… there lifeless, he was just there. He had fought for his kin, but had failed. There was no sight of Theresa or my mother, I knelt down by my father, I places my hands over my face and the tears just rolled down. I just couldn’t believe it, and I won’t. I was so confused, I didn’t know what was happening. It almost felt as time had just slowed down. Screams went silent, the air felt cold and time froze.

A voice came trembling to my eardrums and I looked up in shock. A bandit came hurdling towards me, my heart stopped and I just watched in horror as he came closer and closer.  The air felt thicker as I tried to breathe, my heart was racing faster than ever. Each footstep he made shook the round as he ran.  His face grew angrier as he was steps away from me.

Suddenly, the man stopped in his tracks. His pupils grew as he was frozen. My confusion grew as to what was happening. I pulled my hands slowly from my face as the bandit feel to his knees. I presumed he was dead, but I was still weary of going near him. A man stood behind him, he lowered his hand. He was slicked back white hair, a long scarlet robe, and his face was hard as stone, yet he was obviously a man of Will as he had a glow in his hands. His trousers were tight at the top and became looser as they went down. He asked me if I wanted to live, and then said to me ‘then take my hand boy.’ His voice was deep, and I knew he wasn’t playing around. My mind went through a million decisions as I got to my feet, what was my fate if I stayed here, what will happen if I go with him, maybe a worse fate? I don’t know, all I could guess is that it was better than this mess. I grabbed his hand, he wore a fingerless glove which was worn. A wave of teleportation grew around him and myself. The glow was blinding, I placed my forearm over my eyes.


We were in another destination. The land was still countryside, but the trees were more clustered to the sides as a brick wall separated the path from the vegetation. 

I felt sick, all that had happened, all that I had seen, all that I had felt. Everything was too much, I couldn’t keep anything down. I vomited. I hadn’t eaten much today, except this morning before I came out, and that wasn’t even that much, but I brought it all up. He turned round and glanced at me, in total disgust. Looking at me, he turned around. I was obviously not to his expectations, whatever they were. He carried on walking, I walked along holding my stomach, and we walked down a hill, the sunlight was just hitting over a large building, it was soon to be morning. On the left of the building, there was a large stand, it had pillars around it, and had red material, it looked old, and well looked after as the brick work was clean. This appeared to be something important to someone. In the corner of the right there was a small stall, it wasn’t that big, just big enough to place some items. It was made of wood, with a white and purple cloth hanging over the limbs of the stall. The sun hit over the building, a moment of, what it seemed to be, peace. The doors of the building were a dark brown wood, carefully built to make sure there were no draft let it. It had a sign of it, which I presumed was the sign of this building, but the building was, confused me. The man pulled the door open, and we entered the building.


The building was huge inside. Entering the door we encountered some stairs, which lead us up to a round table that had a 3D replica of the map of Albion. I still didn’t know where we were, but I knew I wasn’t near Oakvale anymore. The floor was cold and some of it was covered in red, where people walked, not to the edges. A man stood to the top of the table on the right. He wore a long trench coat, colours off dark sea green and a golden colour for the outlines of certain parts of his garment. He held his hands close to himself. He had a long face that pushed out his cheek bones, to make his face look old and wise. He had no hair, except from the moustache on his face. He looked down on to me, he had deep blue eyes, and bags around his eyes, many long nights, many stressful moments I presume. The man who brought me here introduced me to him, the Guildmaster. He opened his mouth and said “you don’t look like Hero material to me. But I guess maze knows what he’s doing, I suppose. Well, follow me then”  He lead me up the stairs, to where there were rooms, he turned right when he got into the main rooms, he shown me into the room where I guessed I would be staying in for now, a girl was there. She was dark skinned, and she had big blue eyes, just like Theresa did. She wore an outfit, a cotton one, she had rolled up sleeves and had the bottom half of the outfit ended about half way down her thigh... The Guildmaster said that I would be sharing this room, with the girl, Whisper.


After a while of staring I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about everything that happened, the flames still burned in my mind, all that I saw… all that I felt.

The guild was now my home.

The End

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