The Dream...& Florida Orange JuiceMature

The sound of the loud ding dong doorbell grabbed Sharon’s attention. She ran from the kitchen and into the living room to open the door. To her surprise, she saw her own cousin, the Real Estate Agent, Stan Weasel, and his new supermodel wife, Victoria, stopping by for a visit. Sharon was so happy to see her cousin. Because she hasn’t seen him since the attack of their homeland by the three farmers.

“Stan, it is so good to see you.” Sharon said as she hugged him like they haven’t seen each other way before the attacks.

“Nice to see you too.” Stan said. He took his hands out of his pocket and began to hug Sharon.

“Hello Sharon, how are you?” Victoria hugged Sharon next.

“I’m doing fine.”

Victoria was a beautiful Indonesian Mountain Weasel with a long gorgeous reddish brown hair and fur. She was just as pretty as Sharon. She looked beautiful in a pink and white dress. The most intriguing of all that had attracted Stan to her was her beautiful hazel eyes. He fell madly in love with her.

“I love your dress, Victoria. Did Rickity made it for you?”

“Nope! I got it from Macy’s.” And then whispered in Sharon’s ear, “But don’t tell him that. He would be devastated.”

“I gotcha.” Sharon whispered back.

“Alright, if you lovely girls are done talking among

yourselves, we can sit down in the living room to talk.”
“Right!” Sharon said as she allowed Stan and Victoria inside the house.

Stan and Victoria bring in their suitcases into the living room. Stan remembered about his cousin from when they were children. He would defend Sharon from bullies and cheered her up when she was broken hearted. And now he was standing in the middle of the living room. He was wearing his sunglasses and his white polo shirt. He was a long-tailed weasel(like Victor) who cared a great deal about his least weasel cousin. He never liked Victor and he will let people know it too! He even came to Sharon’s wedding, but only for her. Not to see her getting married. He only wanted the peace in the family.

“I bought some orange juice in case you guys are thirsty from a long ride.” Sharon said as she brings in a tray with a picture full of orange juice and two glasses.

“Thank you, Sharon.” Victoria said.

“I will get you guys settle in your rooms.”

Sharon returned to the kitchen to grab herself a glass and return back into the living room to sit down to talk.

“So what are you guys doing here? I didn’t even know that you were coming.”

“Well,” Stan said, “something tells me to come and visit you.”

“Why? Wasn’t my delicious walnut cookies too good for you.”

“I love your cookies, but only when go well with your cookies.” Stan responded. “But I’m talking about a dream that I had two days ago.”

Stan sat down with Sharon and Victoria and began to tell about the dream he had while pouring him a glass of orange juice.

“No pulp, right?” Stan said as he smiled at her as if she went to get a full of pulp orange juice.

“Now, Stan, you know that I don’t like pulp orange juice. They get into my teeth, and I would ended up fighting myself to try to get them out.”

“Just checking.” Stan said as he was drinking his no pulp orange juice.

“This juice is fantastic. What is it called?”

“Florida Orange Juice. It came from Florida.” Sharon said.

“Really?” Stan was shocked, “It came from the snake state?”

“It’s called, ‘The Sunshine State.” Victoria said.

“No it’s not! They might as well call it ‘The Snake state’. I have seen so many snakes on the side of roads. One almost bit me in a leg.”

“It did bite you in a leg. You passed out. You could have died.” Victoria said.

“I will never go back there again.”

“Um! Can we just get back to you had a dream that brought you here to see me?” Sharon said.

“Right,” Stan said, “well I had a dream that you were in a heartbreak season.”

“Heartbreak season?” Sharon said, “Why? Was there someone I love going to die?”

“No. More like someone is going to betray you, break your heart. Don’t worry, it’s not me or Victoria. But I don’t know who it is. I tried to shake that off, but something told me to come here. Because you are going to need somebody to support you. That’s all that I can tell you at this point.”

The End

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