Lavender SapphireMature

Phyllis Fox had been a secretary for the Jupiter Dealership for about 5 weeks now. She moved from the other side of the sewers because she didn’t see the opportunity from where she was living. She was Wily Fox’s only sister and Sharon’s best friend. Sharon and Phyllis have been friends since childhood. They have been there for each other. Even through their own painful experiences. Sharon was a teen when she discovered that her then boyfriend was cheating on her with another girl. Phyllis was right there with her. But Sharon also had another friend, Daisy Skunk. Phyllis and Daisy did not become friends. They hated each other, and Daisy thought there were something wrong with Phyllis.

Phyllis was an attractive fox. She used her sexy fur body to lure men into her web. Even those with girlfriends. All of the men seemed to be taken by her beauty. This would make all of the girls jealous of her. Even Felicity wasn’t too thrilled to see her again. For she tried to keep her brother at bay about Phyllis.

Phyllis returned to her desk after having lunch. On her desk, she spotted a necklace. It was a lavender sapphire necklace that she had always wanted. But she didn’t know where it came from. But she saw the note and began to read it:

“Hope you love the necklace I put on your desk.”

It didn’t say who it was from. But she loved the necklace.

Victor was at the office of his best friend and co-worker, Nick Steppe-Polecat. He can be a bit of sarcasm sometimes. From his marriage to the car he drives. He even make it known what a pathetic of a car it was.

“I couldn’t get my stupid car to start up this morning. $25 dollar gasoline down the drain. And I hate it!”

“Why don’t you get another car, Nick?” Victor said.

“I can’t. I can’t afford another car.”

“What about your discount here at Jupiter Dealership? I’m sure they can help you out.”

“Oh come on!” Nick cried, “I want a hummer. Can you give me a hummer? Oh forget it! I might as well buy a Jupiter car. My wife said I’m a loser when it comes to style.”

“You are not a loser, Nick. You are a stylist Steppe Polecat. You have been giving that woman years of your very life. Don’t let her get to you.”

“She fix my dinner, Victor.” Nick said, “always nagging the living daylights out of me. I feel like I’m one of those steppe polecats on TV who just found out who the father of my baby. And it isn’t me!”

“Oh come on!” Victor said, “I have to deal with my wife. All she wanted to do is to help others. Do I look like I’m made of money?”

Nick shook his head.

Suddenly, Victor saw Phyllis walking towards the office where the boys were, and he rushed out as Nick continued to talk in the depressed stage.

“You know,” Phyllis said as she was twirling the necklace, “I couldn’t help, but get the feeling that one of you left this beautiful lavender sapphire on my desk. Care to tell me who?”

Victor smiled as he knew that it was from him.

“Guilty as charged.” Victor said and they kissed. Victor and Phyllis have been having an affair for 3 weeks now. And Victor had just spent his money on buying her a lavender sapphire necklace. Sharon doesn’t know about the affair. She thought that the necklace was for her. But Victor was cheating on his wife with her best friend. Something she didn’t tell Sharon. She also didn’t tell her she would be working at her husband’s job. If she did, Sharon would not have approved of it giving her track record of men she dated...and married. Heads would roll if Sharon ever found out about her alleged affair with her husband.

The End

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