Flashback at Motel 6Mature

After watching, "Fantastic Mr. Fox", I figured that I should pick up where the movie left off. Let's say the Real Estate Agent Stan Weasel had a least weasel cousin named, Sharon Weasel. She's a news reporter, and is married to a long-tailed car salesweasel named, Victor Weasel. Let's just say that all of the secrets will come out of this...And most of them have the names of one of my favorite soap opera show, "The Young and The Restless".

There was a moment that news reporter, Sharon Weasel thought she would not end up in this situation, she was wrong. As she felt that the air was getting thicker and depressing, she looked around the motel room. Not amused by the yellowing color, she spotted the refrigerator, which looked like it has not been in working order in years. Even the glued-on floor tiles were lifting after years of water damaging from the broken refrigerator. The bed looked like it was going to collapse from the years the kids jumping on it. She could see one leg on the bed was slightly leaning on the side, with a brick holding it in place. It was full of the bed sheets and spread that turned filthy color after years of washing.  But what distracted her the most was the funky smell on the mattresses. Like a person who did not believe in personal hygiene.

Sharon looked at herself in the mirror, and the tears rolled down her chestnut furry face. The thoughts ran through her mind like running water. She could not believe what she saw in her bedroom that night. She wanted to believe that this whole thing was just a bad nightmare. That she was going to wake up back into a reality. But the reality was her marriage was dead. Her white shirt was torn, and there was a looked of horror on her face. She had a scar on her face. She looked like she had been in a fight. She had to face the fact that her husband was a cheater, and that her marriage was over.

Sharon flash backed to a week ago. It was then that Wily Fox turned everybody’s lives upside down with his urge to steal wild game and apple cider from the three evil farmers, which forced many of the animal community to live in the sewers. She did a report on how the animals are coping with the living arrangements in the underground. Some were fine with it. While others were complaining about it. Rickity Mouse, the tailor, was protesting about the smell, and that he almost got ran over by the cars while he was trying to get the fabric materials from the fabric shop.

Sharon was wrapping up the story about the sewer life for News 13. She held her microphone as if she was in another world. She told it like it was while wearing her silver hoop earrings her mother gave her for her birthday two years ago. She had it matched with her lavender dress suit. It matched well with her purple shoes and her dress shirt with ruffles on the front and on her sleeves.

She loved her job as a reporter, and her community. The animals said that she was the magnanimous weasel ever. She would help out the community during crisis. She would make sure that the animals that had plenty of food and a warm place to stay. Whereas her husband was the most parsimonious weasel. He believed that they should just “get a job”. He wouldn’t even help out The Beavers with their homes were being destroyed. He wasn’t mean, just selfish.

Jack Ferret was Sharon’s camera ferret for News 13. He was married for about 13 years, until he caught his wife of cheating on him with Kristofferson’s father. Jack was heartbroken and was sent to seek a therapist for about 6 months. It was an intense therapist for Jack, because he thought that she loved him. But then he found out later that she was still married to her first husband. It took a long time, but Jack was doing great...or so Sharon thought. He made some changes, but not for the better.

Jack listened to all of the 70’s music, even the angry ones, which made Sharon a little nervous. He told her that he was over his wife, but that did not prove to Sharon when she had to listen to “Evil Woman” by ELO on the radio. What’s worse, he memorized the lyrics. It was like as if he was singing it to his ex-wife. Jack was a nice ferret, but can go all out drinking nothing but apple cider. He loved eating a Butterfinger candy bar, and let everyone knows it. Whenever the animals talked about their spouse, he would bring up his ex-wife.

“I use to take Grace out to dinner. That is until I discovered that she spend all of our money buying an expensive purse that we couldn’t afford. And through my gift in the dumpster outside in the back of a Chinese restaurant. How wrong is that?”

In the news van, Jack was driving, while eating his butterfingers candy bar. He was listening to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”. He sang it for Sharon to hear, to which she doesn’t want to. She was distracting herself by staring out the window to see the stream of floodlights at the ceiling. She didn’t say a word. But she was staring, like she was staring into the space.

“Did I say something wrong or is the music too loud?” Jack said.

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Oh come on! It’s not that bad...except for people who believed in the nuclear bomb threats or something like that.”

“No! It’s okay! I prefer to handle my own problems.”

“No, you’re my friend. I want to know what’s on your mind?”

“Well.” Sharon paused to see if Jack was going to continue to listen to the radio. She didn’t want to tell Jack about her marital problems. For as far as she knew, she didn’t want him to tell it to so many people. It is her privacy after all.

“Victor and I are not getting along.”

“What?” Jack said.

“Yes. Victor and I are arguing constantly.”

“About what?”

Sharon sighed because she knew she would have to go into a detail with him. For if she brush them off, he would just keep bugging her and bugging her. And that would make things more difficult for her to not to worry about Victor.

“About why doesn’t he pay any attention to me.”

“I have to be honest with you. Your husband is a jerk and a half. I mean, he got upset with you when you were trying to help out with the other animals.”

“I don’t know, Jack. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve tried to give him some space. I tried to be sexy to him, And he still doesn't seem, to appreciate me.”

“Well don’t feel bad, Sharon. Some people take their spouses for granted. Take me for example...”

“Please, Jack. Everybody knows your situation about Grace.”

“I’m just saying she destroyed my peace of mind.”

The End

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