On the day he was arrested for the first time, Rodin learned that heaven was made of metal and glass.

It was by sheer chance that he found the unattended Lyft.  He had been wandering without destination when suddenly, there it was.  He stood for nearly two minutes to see if anyone would come before he stepped inside.

Perhaps if he had expected the Lyft to be functioning, he wouldn't have chosen such a high number.  Before he knew what was happening the doors had closed in front of him and the Lyft was gliding upwards, the glowing numbers above its door the only indication that it was actually moving.  At 412, the numbers stopped, and the Lyft opened.

Before him stretched an open expanse, a skeleton of white metal bones draped by glass skin.  People danced past, all flowing skirts and neat lines.  He stared forward, trying to understand the river of figures rushing before him.  They moved with efficiency and grace, governed by some scientific law or secret song he had never known.

But it was the sun that had pulled him from the Lyft out into the crowds.  His sun had always been fractured, cut into pieces by the the skyline of the OverWorld and the thousands of lives playing out above him.  Here though, it seemed only brighter for the glass.  It radiated through the window, filling the space with light.

The floor he had chosen at random was shopping center.  Rodin never noticed.  

He stood only a few hundred feet from the elevator, face upturned, completely still.  It was four minutes before they came to take him away.  Men in metal uniform carried him off, their faces hidden under helmets.  He was taken to a detention center and held there for a few days before he was released.

Although they never spoke of it anyone, the guards were haunted by that day, and they all requested a change in station over the next week.  They could not walk through that part of Floor 412 without seeing the memory of a boy in the center-- dust colored face expressionless, dark clothes draped around him, fingers stretched out as he stood frozen in the sun, hardly breathing for fear of ending the unattainable dream he had suddenly found himself standing in.

The End

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