Rylantis - The Star and the Zebra

A long time ago in the middle of Danorees, there roamed a zebra – let’s call him Nigel for the time being. Nigel was a curious creature, not like others of his kind. His friends were white with black stripes; he was black with white stripes – instantly an outcast. But he enjoyed life in spite of this difference. His love for life and his interest in Rylantis was like no other.


One night in the Danoree grasslands Nigel strolled on the earthy path, admiring all that was around him. He looked at the sky and saw by far the most fascinating thing he’d ever come across. High up above him, a star shone brighter than any other. It was the first Nigel had seen of this star, and with it’s dazzling brightness, he wondered why he’d never noticed it before.

“Hello” whispered the young zebra, “I’m Nigel. I don’t think I’ve seen you before, but I’m sure you’ve probably seen me. It’s amazing how I come through these fields every night and I’ve never noticed you before. And I must say, you are beautiful…”

The star did not say word, but suddenly flashed  it’s bright light to the zebra for a few seconds in reply. Nigel smiled.

“I’m afraid I must leave for home now. A zebra needs his sleep. I hope I see you tomorrow night. I’ll be here, waiting for you.” And with that, the zebra galloped away back to its herd.


The next day, Nigel went about his usual business. He sniffed the tropical flowers, ate his berries and leaves, and ran like the wind with his mighty herd.

When night fell, and the other zebras had left to shelter for the night, Nigel proceeded to the grasslands once again.

He trudged along the muddy path to the exact spot he'd been in the night before. He looked up at the sky, but did not see the star again. As promised, he waited for the star to come again. He waited all night, until he eventually fell asleep.

He awoke the next morning to find his dearest friends nudging him to see if he was alive. (Danoree zebras almost never sleep away from their herd unless they've decided it's their time...). He stood up and looked towards the sky. It was bright blue with the dim glow of the morning sunshine. His face fell into a dissappointed frown, so he strode back to his herd with his drooped in sorrow, for his beautiful new friend had not come...


Night after night, Nigel would trudge along the muddy path and search for his beloved friend. And every time, it hadn't come again. And every morning, the poor zebra grew sadder and sadder.


One night, he trudged along the muddy path to search for the star. He was about to give up hope of ever finding it again, when all of a sudden, a loud explosion came from the sky. Nigel was forced to cover his eyes, for the light was simply too blinding. When the midnight chaos had calmed, he looked back at the deep night sky, and sure enough, there was his star. But it had changed. It had grown bigger since the last time Nigel had seen it. But all the same, it was still just as beautiful as before, if not more. The biggest smile grew on the zebra's face as he greeted the star like an old friend - which it now was.

"I've waited for you every night on this exact spot, and you've never come," Nigel explained, "I've been heartbroken looking up at the sky and seeing every other star shine, but never as brightly as you. I'm so happy you've come back for me. And I must say, you made quite an entrance!" he joked. He remade his promise to come back the next night. And sure enough, he arrived on the muddy path at the same time the next night to find that the star had kept the promise. It shone just as brightly and looked just as magnificent as before. Nigel smiled.


And so, every night, the zebra would leave his herd and go the same spot to see his beloved star shining just for him. And every night, he would speak to the star, admiring its grace and telling it about his adventures.


He kept this up until the day he finally died. He left his herd, when to his spot, and said

"I'm sorry, but I'm growing too weak. If I die here, I shall be happier. And I hope that I may be closer to you..." And those became Nigel's famous last words. He lay himself on the path, looked up at his star, and smiled. He gently closed his eyes, and slowly slipped away.

When he finally died, his body lay on his special spot, a smile still lay across his lifeless face. And the moment he died, another star suddenly appeared next to Nigel's friend-star - he was finally with his old friend, and would be forever more.


The End

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