The Beginning


     Rvulf, Roogaf and Mavian sat in a circle, talking and joking. Rvulf was a tall, thin, fair skinned, quick witted boy with black hair and brown eyes. Roogaf was a muscular, short, fair skinned boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Mavian was a girl of medium height with a quick mind and strong legs. She had brown hair and green eyes. They were in the beautiful city of Valgo Mistar, on Rvulf’s newly trimmed lawn when Rvulf then suggested they go to the pizza parlour. They quickly agreed and said goodbye to their respective mothers who were seated in Rvulf’s house, chatting. By the time Rvulf and his friends left, it was past 8:00 and they were on summer break so their mothers allowed them to go if they stuck by the main road.

    By the time they came out it was past 9:30. They hurried home and Rvulf suggested they take a shortcut through a maze of side alleys. They looked at the time and agreed.

     This area was poorly lit and luckily the moon was up in the sky and so they quickly maneuvered through the maze. Just as they were about halfway through the maze there was a cough behind them.

     They whipped around and saw a man standing there in the moonlight. They could make out faintly that he had a pale yellow shirt and blue jeans on. He had a permanent smile on his face and he said “Hello children how are you today?”

   Rvulf said quietly to his friends “Run. On the count of three.”

They gave a small nod.

Smiley was saying “And you bette-”

  He was cut off by Rvulf saying “Three” and running away further down the alleyways with his friends close behind him.

  Smiley sighed dramatically and lumbered towards them.

  Rvulf and his friends were familiar with the alleyways and when they reached the biggest one they saw four men standing on the far side dressed in black. They stopped in the middle of the alley and turned around to see Smiley standing there accompanied by two more of his friends. Rvulf and his friends were trapped.

   Rvulf said coldly to Smiley “You and your muggers clear off. We don’t deal with bullies kindly.”

   A laugh rippled among the gangsters. Smiley raised an eyebrow. “Bullies?” he said “what makes you think we are bullies?”

    “Isn’t that what you are? An overgrown bully?”

    The laugh grew louder and Smiley said “You think you are too cool. What are you going to do? Say a line so cold I freeze?”

   The laugh was going louder but soon subsided as Rvulf said in a very menacing voice “You underestimate my talents, Mr. Smiley.

   “What talents?”

   “Well I have the ability to do things.”

   “Like what?”

   “Let’s just say………”

   “Spit it out”


    Smiley was looking into Rvulf’s eyes all the time and in the moonlight they were looking more and more menacing by the second.

    “I can fight with my companions.”

  Smiley relaxed a little “So? I can beat you up with you up any day, anytime, even being blindfolded.”

   Rvulf’s eyes turned very menacing now and he said “Well that’s what’s happening now, Mr. Smiley.”

   And it started.

   It was a flurry of motion. As Rvulf said it, Mavian and Roogaf went into action. Roogaf was a black belt in jujitsu, Mavian in tai-kwon-do and Rvulf in karate. They had caught the muggers off guard and had gone into their stances and attacked. Mavian had downed two muggers while Roogaf and Rvulf had downed a goon each in less then twenty seconds.

    They had got all four muggers guarding the far end of the passageway. Smiley was still there, transfixed. The smile left his face for a second then came back again. The two muggers next to him took out their guns, aimed it at the teens and slowly edged to the far side of the alley, keeping their guns on the teens. All the guns had silencers on them.

    Smiley then said “So, children, as you can see you should never play with big bad men no matter how strong you are. Understood?”

   Rvulf just said “Ok you are not a bunch of overgrown bullies.”

   Smiley said “Now came straight, no?”

   “I am not finished “You are just a bunch of overgrown bullies with weapons.”

  Smiley said “Oh, brazen are we?”

  The muggers were slowly recovering. Rvulf knew he had to do something. Fast.

   Mavian pleaded “Rvulf think of something. Neither I nor Roogaf know what to do now.”

   And Rvulf did.

  He quickly whispered “Down and sweep. Now. Gunmen, Roogaf, right guard muggers, me, left guard muggers, Mavian. NOW.”

He screamed the last word.

  The gunmen shot. Rvulf, Mavian and Roogaf each caught two goon’s feet each. This time, they took the guns from the pockets of the fallen men and punched them in their face thrice and stomach thrice. The men were unconscious. They rose a bit groggily, only to find them staring an angry Smiley. He was still smiling but his wide eyes gave him a maniacal look. He had two guns in his hand and they were pointed, not at Rvulf, but at Roogaf and Mavian.

   He said “Now, Kid, you are about to experience pain.”

   Rvulf raised his arms slowly and said “Hey it’s me you want. Let them go.

   “No. Watch your friends die. And then you die.”

   “Please. We can come to some agreement.”


   “We will give you our money.”



   “No.” said Smiley taking a step forward, his guns still trained on Mavian and Roogaf. “No.”

   Rvulf said “Not my friends please no.”

   “Sorry kid, you’ve had your chance. And they have had theirs.”

   Rvulf’s eyed suddenly flared up and said “Not yet.”

And Smiley fired at Mavian and Roogaf.

   Time froze. Rvulf had been ready for the moment. If you were seeing the action, and closed your eyes for one minute and opened them again the scene would have completely changed. Rvulf was hoping that Smiley would fire without rechecking his friends’ position exactly because he had given them time to edge slowly away with his constant blabber of begging.

   But it was as Rvulf had feared. Smiley had checked and aimed to the far side of their bodies. Rvulf had thought of it already. He had dropped to his knees while saying his final sentence. Mavian was on his left, Roogaf on his right. He swiped Mavian with a fallen steel pole while pulling Roogaf’s right leg towards him.

  At that exact moment Smiley shot. Mavian fell backward and Roogaf fell to Rvulf’s left, hands flailing. Rvulf got up, panting with the steel pole still in his hands. He saw his friends lying on the floor. A bullet had grazed Mavian’s temple and Roogaf had a bad bump on his head. Rvulf took a step forward, eyes throwing daggers in Smiley’s direction. Rvulf had a crazed look in his eyes and he took a few more steps towards Smiley.

  Smiley was paralyzed. He took a few steps backward, unable to believe that Rvulf had saved his friends and the look in Rvulf’s eyes. He raised his gun and said desperately. “Hey, stop.”

  Rvulf went ahead, looking wilder and wilder by the second.

  Smiley raised his left gun and was about to fire when Rvulf swung his pole and the gun flew with the shot fired there. Rvulf then hit the pole thrice on Smiley’s legs with great force. Smiley crumpled and fell to the floor.

 Rvulf then dropped the pole and bent over Smiley and punched him in the face. Smiley’s head lolled and his eyes were closed. Rvulf got up and walked back to his friends, apparently calmed down. He had hardly walked one step when he got a blow in his chest.

  He staggered a bit and then turned around to saw Smiley with the pole in his hand. His eyes filled with rage and he got wild. He caught the pole just as Smiley was about to hit him again. Rvulf snatched the pole and gripped in both hands. Eyes wide, he brought it down on Smiley’s stomach thrice. Smiley’s eyes went out of proportion.

   Rvulf dropped the pole, kicked Smiley’s midriff for good measure and took Smiley’s gun out of his pocket and put it in his own. He then walked over to Mavian and Roogaf. Blood still flowed out of Mavian’s temple. Rvulf’s shirt was bloody as it was so he tore of a part and tied it around Mavian’s bloody forehead to stop the blood flow. He felt exhausted.

   He took one of Mavian’s and Roogaf’s hands into his one and started dragging them towards the end of the maze of alleys.

   Rvulf felt exhausted but never gave up. He remembered all the moments that he had spent with his friends. He remembered how he was always lonely and these were the only people outside his family who he could call friends. He remembered the times they had stood up for him and helped him when he was being bullied. He remembered that they had never left him no matter how grim the situation, though this had never happened.

  Rvulf felt Smiley’s hit with every step and it pained him more and more. Still Rvulf trudged on.

   Finally they reached the last alley. The pain became unbearable for Rvulf. He dropped his friend’s hands and went a few steps, after which he was on his knees and then he was crawling. He came to the end of the alley and he took the gun out of his pocket. He was on the verge of fainting. He took out the silencer from the gun, raised it high and fired thrice.

   He uttered a prayer and fainted.

The End

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