A modern day version of the Bible story


Brrrrrriiiiiiiiiinngg! My alarm clock went of loudly in my ear. With a heavy groan I slammed my fist down on the snooze button and dragged myself out of bed. Time to get to work. After a quick shower and breakfast I grabbed my briefcase and drove to work. I already had my articles ready when  I walked in the door so I handed them to my secretary. "Give those to Jim to revise and then stick them in the magazine with all the others for today," I yawned. 

She nodded and took the USB I offered her. I moved on to my office to wait for the people to start arriving. As I did I realized I had forgotten my coffee. I was about to get up and tell the secretary to get it when I remembered that since the depression had ended we had been able to install intercoms in the offices with company money. So I happily pushed the button for the secretary. "Hey Madelyn I forgot my coffee...would you please go get me an extra coffee caramel frappuccino at the Starbucks across the street? Just use the company funds, it comes out of my budget anyways." 

"Yes sir, I'll have it for you in a few minutes."

I nodded and sat back. Being the CEO and founder of the company I still preferred to work just like everyone else did. It would be about an hour before the people started coming in to get their first free copies. That's what we did. We gave out ten free copies to every poor or homeless person that came to us. When they had taken those and sold them then they could come back to us and use the money they had earned from the free ones to buy more. By the end of the day they would have enough to buy food and even save up some for later. We even had our own banking system where they could put any amount of money into. it didn't earn very much interest unless it was a larger amount but it would keep their money safe. 

About an hour later our first customers of the day began to dribble in. At first there was only a few and I would snap their pictures to make sure that they didn't come in again claiming it was their first time and then give them the free magazines. About halfway through the day a drunk came in and demanded more newspapers for free. He had already been in once earlier in the morning and I could tell where the money from the magazines had gone. 

"I'm sorry sir, but I cannot give you any more free magazines today, come in tomorrow and I will have some for you." 

At that the drunk began to rage at me. "Whaddyou mean I cant--canthave anhy!" He slurred angrily. 

When I repeated the same thing to him he slammed his fist down on my desk. "Listen her you! I wa' my m-magazines. Now you give them to me or I'll-"

I cut him off by calling for security over the intercom. They arrived immediately and took him out. I sat back in my chair and felt good to help people, but people like that always put me off.  Here I had given them a chance to earn some money. Eventually they could even have enough money to buy a house or education and make a life for themselves. But they wasted it. It irked me. But then I supposed that was just the way that some people were, and you just have to learn to live with it. 

The End

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