When I reached Electron, she was sitting by a newly built fire, the gypsies’ bodies nowhere to be seen.

“I was worried about you.” She said standing.

“Did I take that long?” I asked handing her the pack.

“No,” Electron said looking in the bag to ensure all the contents remained. “When I left you at the inn, I was worried about you.” She said.

“That’s silly.” I said sitting close to the fire.

“Your bleeding.” She said spotting my arm.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically.

She gave me a reproachful look as she bent down beside me.

“Let me see.” She said taking my arm, her normally warm hands felt like hells fire against my skin and I cried out recoiling from her.

“Your hands.” I gasped.

“You’re ice.” Electron cried taken aback she looked over my damp and sagging clothes. “Did you fall through?” she demanded.

“Just a little bit.” I admitted.

“Here” Electron stripped off her cloak.

“No, My Lady I’m fine.”

“Oh, you’re prefect.” She said sarcastically wrapping her cloak around me. She stood and pulled her blanket from her saddle and wrapped that around me. I felt better but slightly embarrassed.

“Oh.” She gasped rushing over to my pack and pulling out my blanket and wrapping that around me too.

“My lady, I’m fine.” I insisted. “What about you, it’s no good if you freeze now.”

Electron smiled, sitting across from me.  “Lighting is never cold.” She said as her power began to glow around her once more.

“So you followed me?” She asked.

I nodded.

She laughed. “All the while I was wondering where you went.”


“Oh no reason…why did you follow me?”

“I couldn’t exactly let you get lost.” I lied.

Lady Electron nodded politely but it was obvious she didn’t believe me.

The End

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