Lady Electron was sitting by her fire, when I returned, feeding little twigs to the growing flames and looking into a sliver locket on her lap. I couldn’t see what was inside the locket before Lady Electron snapped it shut but whatever it was crackled like lightening. 

“Do you never make any sounds?” she asked her annoyance clear in her voice as she hid the locket in the folds of her skirt.

“Only when I’m hunting.” I replied tossing down the skinned carcasses. Electron grimaced at the sight and turned away obviously offended.

I cooked the hares; I was far too hungry to have Electron cook them as a test. I would loathe it if she failed. As they cooked I pulled out my map and compass from my pack and began to chart our journey and plotting our future course. This occupied me way past our supper and long after Electron had retired. The hardest decision I faced was finding a safe place to deposit Lady Electron. Strangely, there seemed to be no such place.

As we traveled further in to the woods I took every possible opportunity to set up subtle tests for Lady Electron, designed to call on her learned skills, be it as a princess or a spy. However, she seemed to neither fail nor excelled in any of the tests I put forth; failing to prove herself to be an agent of Dmitry, yet proving that she was not raised as a princess. This left me with only one option, which began to seem more plausible the more I thought on it, the story of Lady Electron was true. She was a woman without a past, cursed from childhood to eternal sleep. A curse Dmitry had broken, awakening her to a curse of his own, a marriage to the royal family. 

The End

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