Find Dmitry!

“My lady…” I began but paused, why was I passing on the Emperors lie? I was his hunter not his servant, I was no one's servant. She already knew half the truth, she could handle the whole truth; in fact I was curious to see how she’d react to it.

“Emperor Saber suspects the worse.” I said studying her face closely.

“He’s dead?” she asked without any emotion.

“Worse.” I prompted.

“Captured?” she guessed, was that a smile tugging at the edge of her lip?

“Dmitry is a traitor.” I said. "And now the Emperor is hunting him."

Lady Electron’s lack of surprise surprised me.

“Did you know?” I demanded.

Electron turned back to the night sky. I had never cared about Lady Electron before, I had seen her in the courtyard many times and I had heard knights speak of her beauty but then the knights would speak of any lady’s beauty adnauseum. That is all I’d thought of Lady Electron, that she was another beautiful lady. Though, now I realized how little I knew about her, how little anyone knew about her.

 “Do you like hunting fine prizes or do you seek to entertain the Emperor?” she asked glancing at my mask.

I fingered the wolfs fur, choosing my words carefully.
“She was a beautiful, pure white fur, cleaner than even the snow. And when the moon caught her fur at such an angle she appeared to have gold laced into her fur. The Emperor wanted her, he wanted her dead but she was so beautiful. In the end he said he'd have my head or hers.” I said. “Saber is not to be disappointed.” I warned.

“Oh yes.” A humorless smile quirked the edges of her lips. She pushed herself off the balcony railing and took a step towards me. Something in her eyes made me became uncomfortably aware of all the shatter statues I’d passed on my way here and how they had become so.

“I’d like to hire you, Dear Hunter.” Electron said.

“I don’t work for hire.” I said. “not even for the Emperor.”

“Aw but I’m not the Emperor.” She said raising her hand to push her hair behind her ear, her fingers crackling with lighting.

“Find Dmitry for me.” She said. It wasn’t a question.

I laughed, dismissing her command with a wave.

The snow had taken Dmitry's scent from the air and buried his footsteps in its cloak, he could not be tracked even if I wanted to.

“If I don’t you’ll kill me.” I guessed.

She smiled.

“You’re experienced.”

I shrugged.

If that's what they called it, I assumed it was common knowledge when dealing with royalty.

I straightened my mask to get a better look at her, I studied her for a moment, I could see in her eyes, though she possessed the wraith of lightening, she was not capable of killing anyone.

"Dmitry..." I began.

'has been gone too long to track' was what was supposed to follow but I paused.

In my service to the Emperor I had earned enough gold to make a return trip to my homeland a good dozen times, which I had recently become eager to make. It's not that I was home sick, but I'd finally found someone that frightened me more than the wild animals of the moon, that was Emperor Saber. He was a civilized savage which only meant he was clever with his cruelty but carelessly cruel all the same. The trouble was Emperor Saber was rather reluctant to let me leave he adored the fear I instilled in people with my masks and hunting abilities. The Emperor sensed my disease with him and because of this he came with me on every hunt I took to make sure I didn't decide to leave.

"Dmitry will be found." I said at last. "If Saber gets to missing me tell him where you’ve sent me.” turned and walked away from her.

I think I found my means of escape after all.


The End

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