Dear Hunter

I followed the trail, and found her standing at an open balcony facing the night air.

Her long black hair was draped over her left shoulder in a knot, stray strains swayed easily in the night air.

The moon was half tonight, a crescent bow floating in a smoky, dark blue river of night. The faint purple light it cast bathed Electron’s face and accentuated the curves of her slender figure.

I stopped beside a statue whose face had been blown clean off, from ear to ear and watched her silently.

She acknowledged my presence immediately; however she took a moment to speak. 

"You’re not very quiet for a hunter, with steps like those the whole forest would hear you before you even entered it." She said without turning to face me.

I took a few steps closer to her, so silent that even the falling snow would be jealous of my stealth.

"I wasn't hunting you." I said.

She jumped at how close I was.

I smiled.

"I was under the impression I was invited." I stepped back from her regaining my distances, I did not like to stand so close to her, she possessed the wraith of the sky.

Her bronze eyes harden into a glare as she looked me over.

She had a strong face, beautiful and very symmetrical, structured for power or grace; she didn't seem to have discovered the latter. Her face looked as if she'd been carved from stone by an artist who fancied the straight line, it was thin and pointed finished with sharp and pointed features. Her eyes were the only sign of softness on her face, shaped like delicate almonds. Though now, her expression seemed determined to harden those too.

"Invited to what Dear Hunter?" she asked pointedly, she seemed positively intent on empathizing the fact that I was a hunter. I was well aware of that without her help.

"A conference, a private meeting, tracks are easy to read but eyes, not so much." I replied. “You tell me, what is this?”

Electron’s eyes soften, but her defense behind them stayed up, she studied me for a moment, I let her. She wasn't the only one had tried to figure me out I was far more animal than human and they couldn't understand it. I'd often been mistaken for a god. Lady Electron shifted her head to one side as if the angle might help decipher what kind of man I was, her eyes constantly returning to my face or to the mask that hide my face.

“Take off your mask.” She said.

I smiled, fingering the mask I wore, it was the head of a snow white wolf, I had hunted and taken the head for a trophy.

“Honor of the hunt.” I said apologetically. “I can’t.”

I made it a point that no one should ever see my face but rather the faces of those I'd conquered. As it were no one had seen my face since my arrival to Russia.

“I don’t trust a masked man.” Lady Electron said turning back to face the moon.

“I don’t trust a woman without a past.” I retorted.

A smile stole onto her face for a moment.

“We’ve come to an impasse.”

I sighed.

“Why do you care so much?” I asked.

She turned to face me again, leaning against the balcony railing, her arm around the stone banisters.

“Should I care less? The man saved my life.” She said quietly trying to hold some type of emotion from her voice, it sounded like resentment.

Two years ago Prince Dmitry had gotten into a fight with his father, which was not uncommon, the two were so very much alike that neither could stand the other, he’d ridden out into the depths of winter with a company of twelve. He was gone for two years, we’d all expected he’d been lost to the cold, Emperor Saber accepted this rather well and quickly. However, as May’s feeble sun tried in vain to defrost the chills of the previous winter Dmitry returned, with a company of thirteen.

No one knew where Dmitry had found Lady Electron or who her parents were but he claimed that he’d woken her from a cursed sleep that had been cast on her by the witches of the twilight woods. She’d been asleep for twenty four years. Since Electron didn’t look any older than twenty four and she remembered nothing of her past it was assumed that she’d been cursed as a baby for her parent’s offence. Despite all the mystery surrounding Lady Electron Dmitry was set on marrying her.

“No.” I said after a pause. “But there is simply nothing to worry about. Dmitry has ridden out onto this snow more times than even the snow foxes, he’ll be fine.”

“Define, fine.” She demanded her voice sharp. “A horse in from his company returned rider less and close to death, shot by an arrow. Yet Dmitry is still fine? Explain your logic!”

I froze, how she had found this out?

The End

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