Russia: The story of a Riddle.

Frost bitten Russia, dominated by the cruel Emperor Saber lays background to a tale of loves race against time. A magical retelling and combining of the Grimms Brother's 'The Riddle', 'Beauty and the Beast' 'Cinderella', 'Sleeping Beauty', and 'Aladdin'.

"We have to find him!" The dark silver doors to the throne room burst open, propelled by a ringing crackle of energy admitting Lady Electron. She scanned the room, there were only a handful of people present in the throne room and every one of them was staring at her, halted in their activities by her abrupt arrival.  

There was a tense silence in which no one in the throne room moved. They just waited; waited to see what Lady Electron would do, how Emperor Saber would react.

When the guards, standing stationary on either side of the door, made no sign to stop her Lady Electron proceeded into the throne room with long strides. Discarding her olive traveling cloak at door she advanced across the soft wolf skin rug, laid down from the base of the door to the feet of the Emperor's throne.

Seven members of the Emperors armed guard stood behind his throne, tensed hands tight around their tessak. The only sound that filled the room was the determined footsteps of Lady Electron and the faint echo that followed.  Everyone was waiting on the Emperor to react, it was a known fact that the penalty for entering into the Emperor's presence unannounced was death. That was unless their reason was vitally important, then the penalty was reduced to a month in the dungeon. This applied to anyone expect Lady Electron, she seemed to be the exception to all the Emperor's rules; none knew why.

Emperor Saber turned from his General, to whom he'd been whispering, and watched Lady Electron's assent with stony eyes.

"We must find Dmitry."  She said, in a low voice kneeling before the Emperor.

Standing to the right of Emperor Saber's throne I tried to cast her a warning glance but she had eyes only for the Emperor.

"It's out of our hands." Said Emperor Saber, his bearded face a mask of  prefect calm but his eyes showed a torment of rage. 

"Out of our hands!" Electron repeated incredulously, raising to her full height, her body erect with suppressed rage.

All eyes were on her once more, she and Emperor Saber were known for their quick tempters but Sabers was infinitely harsher than hers. I prayed she would not evoke it as carelessly as she was now.

"He's your son!" she cried losing her composer and grasping onto the arms of the throne. The palace guards, standing behind the throne, set upon her at once peeling her from the throne.

"Tell me you care." She whispered, for only Emperor Saber to hear, fighting the grip of the guards.

Emperor Saber dismissed the guards with a simple wave of his hand. He looked Electron coolly in the eye.

"I have no son!"

Electron’s mouth hung aghast, she wasn't accustomed to Emperor Saber's bitter cruelty.

"Lady Electron." I interjected, reminding her of her surroundings and hinting that she leave before Saber lost his patience with her.

She straightened, fixing Saber with a venomous glare. But before she made her exit she turned to face me, her stare losing some of its edge but not all of it.

She made a subtle gesture for me to follow her, and with that she stormed from the throne room.

Emperor Saber turned back to his general and gestured for the players in the room to resume their doleful music once more.

I waited for some time after the throne room doors had shut behind her before taking my leave.

Lady Electron was by far the easiest pray to track, her trail was littered with the broken parts of statues still steaming from her assault.

The End

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