A short flash fiction on a mysterious character named Russell who is Different.

Author Note: This story came from my subconscious in the early hours of 5:00 A.M. Feel free to do whatever you want with this story. Except steal it. I'm watching you, (O.O)


Once, there was a man who was Different, who could see past the barriers of ignorance, strife, and the day-to-day stress that affects each and every one of us. This man was named Russell, and Russell liked to watch the rain drip from a small potted plant he knows not where he obtained it, and think up of thoughts, most of them daydreams, and watch the pine trees sway to and fro as the ever present wind currents fought, bit, and clawed their existence in the frail atmosphere that surrounds Earth.


Russell also liked books, or rather, the things he learned from books. He also liked to write, and would spend hours (and a large sum of money) just sitting in his room, or at the dingy, tilted kitchen table and fill up notebook after notebook of his thoughts, opinions, and recollections from bygone days. Eating a piece of half-thawed toast and a drinking a cup of weak, cold coffee allowed Russell to conjure up thoughts from his subconscious mind into the conscious, thus enabling him to transfer those thoughts onto lined notebook paper, palm sweat and bread crumbs follow the black ink stains as he writes:


“And so, my dear friends, I must set off to the vast tract of uninhabited Atlantic Ocean, to seek my future in the moist, choppy seas where I am sure to die and be devoured, digested, and excreted from the nether regions of an assortment of fishes and perhaps birds of different species and of different styles and textures and personalities, that is, if fish and birds even have personalities, which I hope they do, being labeled by us humans as “smart” and/or “dangerous.”


These words came from an unknown voice, a supple like quality that urged him to continue on, regardless, as there was nothing else Russell had to do that day, or the day following, or that day following, and so on. Russell was Different, and, in being Different, he could get away from the “succeed” attitude of the world,


And be lazy as the result; Newton’s third law.

The End

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