Ruslan the GreatMature

Ruslan the Great

 Superpowers such as;
-Understand how living and non living organisms work. Manipulate them. Fix/heal them.See how human body works- BETTER THAN ALL MACHINES, X RAYS, etc. Heal people in SECONDS. Even if person has
metal knee or transplanted heart- no problem ! Also make person live centuries and improve health. Change eye and hair colour, etc. Also he can defeat person on distance by causing pain. Make him or other people younger or older. He doesn't age with this power, if he wants  to.
See how things and machines work. Knowing every single detail.
- Teleportation
- Telekinesis (  besides;  moving and destroying things he can also cover himself with an invincible shield that can protect him from anything; radiation, rays, explosions, fire, cold, warmth, humidity, gravity, telepathy, electrical shocks, etc). He can also fly with this power.
Create fire and manipulate it. FIRESTORM HEART
- Danger intuition
- Advanced memory
still has to; eat, drink, sleep and  breath.
-277 years old                            
- Has lived in 40 countries
- Speaks 13 languages             
- Had many different   occupations  such as;
 Auto mechanic, auto engineer, carpenter, electrician, school teacher,
pastor, yoga master, martial arts coach, bodybuilding instructor, doctor of medical sciences, healer, life guard, investor, business magnate, space researcher, astronaut, model, manager in steel industry, General in American army, baker, nurse and chief.
 Very beautiful ( male)
White skin, Long legs and long arms, 185 cm tall, magnificent body, the most beautiful eyes ever- DARK BROWN, big eyebrows (like Zachary Quinto has), nice butt, straight back, dark brown hair, sexy neck ( and POWERFUL of course), super big and  muscular chest,  and the list goes on.
His  style is:
-Classical  light yellow shirt with white-grey cloak
- Thin and sexy light blue jeans with leather belt
- European classic shoes
-White underpants (like the  ones  that  bodybuilders  wear).
- Haircut like a LION

-Hasn't killed  anybody  yet.

-Never slept with dirty women (prostitutes)- because  he   believes that in eternal life he will marry a beautiful princess who will love him VERY MUCH. He believes that he will be rewarded for his kindness and patience. He is Christian and he believes that he will die some  day. Therefore, he is preparing himself for the eternal/  infinite life after the JUDGMENT  DAY. He dreams about a princess in the afterlife.

Had never raped women. Still  a  virgin and too shy to marry.

-Saved over 200 million dollars, in his bank accounts.
-Cured/healed over 10 million people.
-Helped over 50 million  people to live without  hunger and poverty.

-Improved manned space program
-Saved Kursk crew
-Prevented over 20 wars and conflicts
-Saved Challenger  crew
-Build the tallest building  ever.
-Visited all moons and planets. 

I am going to write about a moment from his life.
1.  In search of truth
He teleports to the North of Norway, because he wasn't there before.
He starts thinking "how can I find a girl of my dream?" Suddenly he falls down and something shuts him down.
It was a man who was; 2 meters tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, super muscular body with blue suit and cloak. He grabbed him, touched his face and teleported to his kingdom.
It was a very huge castle in the middle of nowhere. It was winter. That man puts him on a bed and started sitting beside him. My hero is still sleeping. That man has Telepathy. He goes through his mind. His life, every moment, every dream, every mind - now he knows everything about my hero. After that, he leaves his room and calls one of his daughters to come. Tall, long legs, red head, green eyes and sexy dress comes in his dad's room and cannot believe it. She looks at him and turns on her Telepathy, too and she stars to take off his shirt and jeans so she can see his nice body and kiss him.
"What are you doing" her dad asked.
"I WANT HIM' his daughter says.
She goes through his memory. Later, she runs using her super speed to get a very sexy blanket and she comes back.
My hero wakes up...
 Her dad stands up and his daughter.
"Who are you and where am I!!!??" my hero asked
He raised his fire hand but after that he understood that everything is ok.
" I am Invinitus" the man says
" I am Veronica, nice to meet you my little kitten'' she says
Veronica started kissing his hands and then his legs, body. neck and face.
"You are in the best place ever, my kingdom in Northern Europe. I was interested in you, that's why I wanted to give surprise". -Invinitus says.
" I am 6786 years old. I have 78 kids, I have a huge kingdom, -I have; immortality, invulnerability, super speed, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, super strength, ice and snow manipulation, energy manipulation, shape shifting and super memory" Invinitus says.
" I am 5675 years old and I have; immortality, telepathy and super speed."
Veronica says.
To be continued 29/09/15



The only thing that he is afraid of is infinite death in the Firelake


The End

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