What Is That?


The city was seeming to awaken. The sun was rising, and with a look over my shoulder and up, I saw that it was about 7 am. The cars passed by swiftly, carrying the white collar workers off to their jobs. The smell of coffee and bacon wafted over from the bistros serving breakfast to hungry passersby. I loved London at night, but London in the morning had a magic to it as well.

"Alright," I said, standing up and then turning to face Alex. "Let's go to the market place first and pick up some groceries for the house. Then we can go shopping for some clothes and what not."

Alex stood up hesitantly. "Do we really have the money to buy more than just food?"
"Mhm. You were there when I opened that briefcase right? We'll have enough to last of for months." We started walking down the road. "You can buy whatever you like. I'm sure you'd like to add to that collection of three shirts and two trousers, wouldn't you?"
"Wow." Alex said in wonder. "Never had anyone say that to me before."
I looked over my shoulder at him, and smiled wide, saying, "It only gets better from here, kid."

We spent the next two hours shopping all over the place. Alex was pure fun for me at the market place, because he would freak out every time I would just make an item float to me rather than walk over and pick it up. The grocery shopping was done quickly, and I zapped all the food back to the Island, sending a text warning to the girls to watch out for random falling produce. We browsed in a few more stores, and left with what felt like a truck load of stuff. Alex really knew how to shop, despite his statements that he never had enough money to buy what he wanted. He bought twenty shirts, fifteen pairs of jeans, five pairs of shoes, thirty CDs, ten magazines, a sack full of his claimed favorite candy, and a bunch of other miscellaneous items that got lost in the count. We zapped everything back to the island, and I hoped it all ended up in Alex's room, or we would have a lot of questions from Daniel once we got back.

"Woo. I am beat." I said plopping down on a bench.
"Maybe we should head back and get some rest," Alex suggested.
"What! No way! We've only been out a few hours. I've had days when I left the Island and didn't come back until 14 hours later."
"Well, I'm not staying that long. Rose will wake up eventually and wonder where I am. Besides, what is there left to do?"

I thought for a moment and then got a brilliant idea. "I think I know one thing left to do." I stood up and looked mischievously at Alex.
Alex's eyes widened a bit and he took an instinctive step backwards. "Oh no. That's a look of trouble."

"Do you trust me?" I said softly, looking Alex right in the eye.

His face softened a bit, and he waited to finally say, "Yes."
"Then take my hand." I held out my hand palm up to him. He took a grasp of it slowly, but his grip was firm when he finally intertwined his fingers with mine.

"Close your eyes, and pretend that you are absolutely weightless." He obeyed without question. I followed suit and closed my eyes, then thought only one word.


The wind rushed past my ears, and I opened my eyes to Alex and I soaring. Alex was stunned at first, but then he was smiling, and laughing. He was free. I liked this side of him, when he wasn't guarding his heart and playing it safe. Right now, soaring above the clouds, holding my hand, Alex was another being entirely. We kept going for a few more minutes, enjoying the lofty feeling and the breeze flowing across our bodies. A few times, Alex looked over at me and smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen him give. It was heartwarming. I found a spot that was clear of people and landed us there.

Alex was hyped up. "Amazing. Stupendous. Oh my god, we flew! Wait, could we have been seen?!"
I laughed. "Right, like anyone around here would really believe they saw some kids flying through the sky."
Alex laughed with me, and soon we were laughing at nothing, except the fact that we were laughing like idiots.

All of a sudden I felt this weight come over me. It was familiar, yet completely new. I closed my eyes and doubled over. I then faintly remembered how it felt the first time I identified Daniel magical presence. It had been much more forceful than this, but there was no doubt that there was someone with inborn magical abilities close by. More than likely, they weren't friendly.

"Sky! What's wrong? Do you feel sick?" Alex's voice broke through the haze the presence had made in my mind. I could still feel the presence, but now I was able to focus on where it was coming from. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and I grabbed Alex's hand, and we were off like a bullet.

"WOAH!" Alex exclaimed. He was practically being dragged behind me like a rag doll for a few seconds, until he finally started to use his legs and run along with me. "Hold on a second! What are we doing?!"

"There's a warlock or a witch around here, and I intend to find them." We were closing in. I could feel it.
"So what? Why do we need to go running off after them?"
"Because, unlike me and Daniel, not all magical folk are good. I can't just ignore this, especially with..." I kept the rest to myself. Alex didn't need to learn everything all at once.

I finally zeroed in on the guy. He was sitting at a table outside of a cafe with a girl. They both seemed to be young, though it was clear the boy was older than the girl. They sat there eating breakfast, mostly in silence, except for when the boy would whisper a word or two, or wink at the girl, and she would blush in response.

I noticed that they had bags like the ones I saw Alex and Rose with, that day at the train station. It started to click then.

"Wow, what is this, national Run Away month? So we know they're not bad, but this kid...he's not very powerful but it's obvious he has a lineage of magic."
"So, what does that mean?" Alex asked.
"It means we've got some new roommates on the Island." I snapped my fingers and everyone except me, Alex, the boy and the girl froze. They didn't realize what had happened at first, but when they found a man mid-step still next to their table, the girl began to freak out. I walked swiftly over to where they were sitting, and Alex followed. The boy saw us coming and stood up immediately, partially concealing the girl.

"Did you do this?" he asked, a little aggressive.

"Yep." I said without any fear. I could hear Alex readjust his stance, uncomfortable.

"Why? What's the meaning of this? And...how?" He was started to look freaked out himself.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Why not? If you don't like it, you can just undo it you know."

He stared at me like I was crazy, or as if he himself might have gone crazy. I lifted an eyebrow.

"So, you really don't know, then? Seriously?"

"Know what."

I said it slowly and clearly. "You are a warlock."

He just stared, dumbfounded.

"Go ahead, try it out. Just think "unfreeze", and it will happen. Or we can just keep London this way if you prefer." I started to walk away. About 30 seconds later, the bird that had been flying over head started moving again, as did the cars and people. I turned back around. The boy was staring at his hands and looking back at the girl, who was just as bewildered. She had stood up, half looking like she wanted to run. I walked back to where they were standing with Alex.

"Tell me, what's your name. And the girl's," I said, nodding at her.

"....It's Elliarno...El Heks. And this is Daffodil."

I smiled my signature smile. "Well, you two...get ready for the time of your lives."
With a snap of my fingers, I took us back to the Island.

The End

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