Adopting with Purpose


It had only been two days now since Alex, Rose, and Raiyin had arrived here on the island to be a part of our home, and now Daniel had gone and brought in another girl. I was only surprised that he had acted so quickly. It had only been last night when we talked about the subject, in the living room. Everyone else had gone to bed, while he asked me to stay and have a chat with him.

I bit my lip and started quickly,"Listen, Daniel, if it's about the brief case, you can't-"

"No, this has nothing to do with that,"he said. His voice was no longer light, as it had been with the others present. He had something of importance to say to me, I could tell.

"Sky, are you okay with my decision? To teach the other children magic?" he asked, his brow furrowed slightly.

"I don't mind at all. It's only fair, since this is as much their home now as it is ours. Why do you ask?"

"I didn't want to upset you. I know you've grown used to having this place to yourself, and all my attention focused on you." Daniel halted for a moment, seemingly reorganizing his thoughts. "So, you like the Alex, Rose, and Raiyin, then?"

"Of course," I said. "I never had anyone I could talk to, fully without keeping secrets before they came here. I especially like Rose; she's so darling! It's like I inherited my dream family in a day."

Daniel smiled meaningfully then. "What if I told you I wanted to extend that family, a little?"

I looked at him, confused. "Daniel, whatever do you mean?"

"Sky, there are hundreds of kids out there like Rose, and Alex, and Raiyin. They run away from home, thinking that will solve their problems, and in the end, they just ruin their lives. What if that didn't have to happen? What if we gave them a proper place to go?" Daniel was really passionate now. I could see he had been deliberating this quite a bit.

"Are you saying...that you want to adopt?" I said incredulously.

Daniel chuckled a little. "Well, in a way, yes. Not too many kids of course, but I want to help those poor souls who obviously can't fend for themselves." He looked at the floor now. "Is that a horrible idea?"

I understood what he wanted to do. Inside, I really didn't want our island to be infested with outsiders. Not everyone had accepted natures beauty, as I had, and I didn't want the island to be destroyed a few ignorant orphans. But, I also saw the kindness it was Daniel was proposing. Daniel had said himself that he found me alone on the streets. I wasn't really abandoned, nor had I run away; my parents surrendered me at an orphanage. Daniel had watched the whole thing. In my youth, I had run away from the orphanage unaware of what I was doing. I ran clear into the middle of the street, and was nearly run over by a car. I probably would have been dead had Daniel not have saved me. He took me back with him to the island, and the rest is history. How could I deny someone else a chance, when I myself had been in that place, even if I didn't remember.

"No." I said. Daniel rose his head, looking at me. "It isn't stupid. It's the most generous thing I've ever heard. But, you'll have to promise me that you'll be selective in who you bring back. Not just any old nobody. Deal?" I held out my pinky finger to him. Daniel smiled brightly at me. He hooked his pinky finger with mine.

"Deal." And then he gave me a hug. "Thank you, Sky. Your absolutely the best."

"I can't argue with you there." I said giggling.

So apparently, Daniel was starting this immediately. As long, as he didn't have us sharing bedrooms, I was alright. That afternoon that Hayley arrived, we all sat and watched the waves, talked about our pasts, our favorite things, our dreams, everything. Rose eventually tired herself out and came to sit with me. I braided tiny section of her hair, and after that Rose lay in my arms and fell asleep. I rocked her back and forth gently. Alex looked at Rose adoringly as she slept, and then he looked up at me and smiled. It was one of the first genuine smiles I had gotten from him. It was nice.

"You're doing a good job,” he said in a hushed tone, trying not to wake Rose. "You know, being like a big sister to her. She really loves you."

I smiled down at Rose, and said, "I love her, too." I looked back up at Alex. "I promise not to hurt her Alex. I would never put your little sister in danger."

"I know you wouldn't. I'm starting to trust you now."

I smiled sweetly at him. I guess we were really becoming friends then.

Raiyin broke away from the conversation she was having with Hayley. "Oh right! When are we going to start having magic lessons?"

"Daniel said that he wanted to start soon, so probably within the next few days," I answered.

"Wow. Real magic. If this is a dream, I never want to wake up," Hayley said, tilting her head back, and closing her eyes.

I agreed with her sentiment, looking out at the ocean, where the sun was setting. If this indeed had just been a very long dream, I never wanted to wake up from this paradise.

The End

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