Introducing: Hayley Watkins


I dragged myself home after yet another training session. I was a serious martial artist, training every day but it was taking its toll. I barely noticed that it was pouring rain until my father erupted.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at, getting in at this time?!"

I zoned out quickly, used to his rants and the blows that followed. I fled to my room a while later, while he took out his anger on the walls instead. My limbs shook with exhaustion, fresh bruises appearing on my arms and sides already. I gave a heavy sigh, flicking my light brown hair from my face. My fringe swept across my face, exposing only my right eye, bright blue in my pale face. I let my hair fall over my shoulders and changed into dark skinny jeans and a top that showed off my body. I knew guys tended to like me, I knew they thought I was pretty. I just didn't believe them. I was a quiet person, shy, preferring the company of my iPod than anyone else. I'd earned the nickname 'Ghost' for my silent tendancies. When I did speak, my voice was soft and lilting, a singer's voice. Ever since my mother and little sister died, my father had been a violent man, taking out his grief on me. I had retreated into my own mind, speaking only when absolutely necessary and fending everything else off with a small, sad, smile. My long-sleeved tops hid the scars that marched up my arms with telling regularity. My friends had slowly disappeared, helpless against my silence and I was alone, a ghost of the girl who just a year ago, had shone brightly.

"Erase myself.." The sound of Linkin Park in my head phones gave me a grim kind of satisfaction as the lyrics echoed my actions. I pulled a small pack out from under my bed, crammed with money, some food, water, and a spare set of clothes. Tonight, that was what I was doing. The Ghost was going to vanish.

I slipped out of the front door, a note on my pillow to explain that I would not be coming back. I pulled a hood over my head against the rain and vanished into the darkness, heading for the train station.

I was only a block away when a man approached me.

"Hey there, where are you headed?" He seemed friendly.

"Just catching a train." I smiled softly, wanting to move on. A man approaching a 17 year old girl when its dark is not normally a good sign.

"Anywhere special?" He pressed.

I shook my head "Just a trip. Spreading my wings, you know."

I'd said too much to this stranger already.

"I'm Daniel, what's your name?"

"Hayley..." I said hesitantly. "Now, please, I need to go…"

"Wait. Don't runaway like this." He said abruptly.

I turned around slowly, and looked at him with one eye brow raised. "How did you know I was running away?"

He smiled gently. "It's written all over your face. Listen, just give me a chance to give you a better life. Your chance of survival on the streets is slim to none."

I started to back away quickly. "I don't even know you." There was a hint of panic in my voice now. "Please, just leave me alone."

He started to advance on me, not giving up, and I turned to make a run for it. Before I had barely taken a few steps, I crashed right into a brick wall, and ricocheted right off it sprawling on the ground. Funny, I hadn't seen that while I was walking. The mysterious man came and stood over me, and I looked up at his face in horror. Would this be a tragic end for me?

"I'll explain it all later." And he snapped his fingers and then...

All of a sudden, I was in an unfamiliar room. It was dark out, but the sun was still in the process of setting completely, as if we had traveled back a few hours in time. I was in a room with a bed, a dressing drawer, a night stand with a lamp, and a window. I was sitting on the floor in the same position I was in on the ground back in the city. How had I gotten here, and what was going to happen now?

"Where...where am I?" I asked with a quivering voice. "How did you..."
"You're in my home now, and you're safe. As for the other question...I guess there's no getting around it. I am a warlock. I live here on this island, concealed by the forest and isolation, with my adoptive daughter Sky. Recently I have started to take in runways and given them a safe haven. I saw you tonight and... I just couldn't leave you out there. The thought of any child encountering some of the horrors in the city is bone chilling. So I'm doing my part to save as many as I can."

I was speechless. It was a lot to take in, especially the whole "warlock" thing. There was no other way to explain how I got here, unless I was in a coma and having some kind of epic dream, or I had been killed without knowing and gone to heaven.

"Listen, I know this must seem mad to you, but you have to be tired. Just stay here for the night and get some rest, and in the morning I can answer any questions you have."

I was still in shock so I only nodded. Daniel left without another word, and I immediately collapsed on the bed and was out like a light.

Sun was pouring in through a window through when I woke up. I was still dressed in the clothes I had on the night before; dark skinny jeans and a slim-fitting white long-sleeved top. Everything from last night came flooding back, and I tried to grasp the situation. I changed the combat boots I'd worn during the night for some black Converses. After stumbling through the bedroom door, I located the stairs and slowly proceeded down the stairs to the first floor. When I stepped on the floor, something about the wood was solid yet lacked some kind of support. I shook it off the feeling.

And this is where I get a combination of laziness and writers block, so to be edited further on a later date. :)

**Written by HannaKingdom**

The End

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