An Unexpected Find


I stepped out of the train, the dark world was facing me, opening its comfortable arms to me. I stepped into it willingly, after all life was a journey to death.

I walked through the deserted streets, watching the sun rising above the hills and fog, nothing new or fascinating, it was just another day in my life. My abdomen ached as the gastric juices devoured the walls of my stomach, the body had funny ways to wail for nurture, in this case: food.

I walked the streets, a small food stall caught my eye. It was but a little hut on wheels with a counter. There was only one man siting there drinking coffee.

I approached the stall and slumped my tired body on a stool, I reached inside my bad and fumbled for some money. "Some bread with cheese and milk, please." I said, taking out some money and placing it in the counter.

The man drinking coffee pushed the money back to me, "save it, this goes on me," he told the owner. He gave me a warm smile as he tipped his hat backward, I got  a clear view of his youthful complexion.

"Thank you," I said, pocketing my money, grateful, for I might need the money later on. The food was brought and I ate gleefully, the man with the hat was watching me the whole time.

"Are you in a field trip, young lady?" he asked, setting down his styrofoam cup.

I nodded.


I shrugged, "wherever the wind takes me."

"You sound like an adventurer," he said, giving me a warm smile.

I gave him a half smile, out of courtesy and politeness.

"Winds are blowing strongly out of the East," he offered, "maybe your next adventure can me somewhere in the west, don't you think."

"Possibly," I said, slipping out of the stool, "Thanks again. Good bye."

The young man waved, I could feel his eyes on my back. I rapidly walked and disappeared around a corner to my left. Relieved that he was not watching me anymore I continued my path, walking toward the west.

As if the man's omen was answered by a powerful being, winds were blowing harder toward the west. I soon found myself near a dock where merchant ships were tied to the piers.

Adventure! I thought as I fathomed the possibility of joining one of those ships and work for them. I walked toward the piers, looking through every ship-- which weren't very big nor large. The was one ship, tied in a solitary pier, that was lighted, showing movement inside. I walked to it, my knuckles inches from rapping on the door.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw two figures running toward me, each from one side. My heart was caught in fear, adrenaline was pumped to my blood. I ran toward land dodging one of the man's attempt to seize my body. My bag was pounding hard on my back as I ran at top speed.

A shadow appeared above me and a net fell on my body, my feet got tangled on the massive net, my legs buckled forward. My body hit the wooden moist of the pier, my hands were desperately trying to free itself. Four bear-size hands took hold of my body, keeping it from further struggle.

I fought back with all the energy I had left. Tears were welling in my eyes, I burst in sobs and pleaded for my freedom.

"Please let me go!" I shouted repeatedly, trying to wriggle free. Sneers and jeers answered my pleas. It was the end, the last morning of my life.I closed my eyes and slowly welcomed the hopelessness inside my heart.

Light was blazing through my eyelids, I heard screams and then the sound of two heavy objects dropping on the dock next to my trembling body. I no longer had hands restraining me down, overpowering me.

"Now, now," a voice said soothingly, "those bad guys are not going to hurt you anymore."

I opened my eyes to the familiar voice and saw the man with a hat. I breathed heavily, steadying myself from the fright. He gave me that warm smile again and snapped his fingers. Tiny flames consumed the net, the fire was not hurting me. I was awestruck by this formidable man, he lend me a hand which I took and he helped me stand up.

He took me by the hand and lead me through the pier, toward the sea. I saw a small boat, "I will take you somewhere safe," he said. He showed me to the boat, in it were three people. A boy with black hair holding hands with a little girl, and there was a girl with strawberry blond hair who smiled at my approach.

I stepped into the boat, "what's your name?" I asked the man, who entered after me.

"Daniel," he said and with a snap of his fingers we were gone.

**Written by LuneXian**

The End

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