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Rose and I got off of the train easily enough, but as soon as we were off, we had no idea what to do next. I didn't want to board another train and neither did Rose, so we decided to go out into wherever we were now, and walk around a  bit, getting to know the place. Maybe we would set up a home here or something.

 It was a nice town, with many people and places. It looked like London, so I decided that I would try to find Oxford Street, which is where and old friend of mine had moved to once. She wasn't really a friend, but more like an aunty to me, but we were never related. She was about fifty-three, but was as fit as a fiddle, and  exercised regularly, which I was happy about, because I knew she was healthy enough to carry out a very long life.

 I had just started to pull Rose in the direction of Oxford Street when a girl walked in front of me, stopping me from moving. She was about sixteen, but looked quite short. She had startling green eyes, strawberry-blonde hair and an olive toned complexion. She was genuinely beautiful. She smiled at me, and started to talk in a voice that sounded like velvet.

 "You've run away, haven't you?" she said tauntingly. I nodded, arching my eyebrows. She giggled.

 "What's funny?" I asked, frowning.

 "Oh, nothing. Would you like to come with me? I have something you." She invited. I nodded, not really caring much about the fact that I didn't know her. She seemed nice enough.

**Written by DaneTrotter**

The End

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