Introducing: Sky Gregory


I was gaining speed, running away from the businessman behind me. He was in a fury, chasing after me, cursing and screaming out for help. I laughed at his efforts, as he huffed and puffed, running out of energy from the chase.

"I just don't...understand," he said through gasps of air. "How in...the bloody hell...are  you not even tired yet?"

I was far ahead of him by now, but I stopped where I was, turned to face him, and exclaimed, "I know right! It's almost like magic, isn't it?" And I laughed even more.

It was then that the business man, newly enticed, came charging at me.

"I'll show you some magic you little-"

Just as he should have crashed into me, knocking the wind out of my body, I vanished. He looked about, confused. It was then that he heard my giggles from above.

"Oh, dear! Hadn't your mummy ever told you not to strike a lady?"

I was perched upon the top of the side of a two story building. It only took a second to propel myself to the roof. I was getting better at that trick all the time. The man looked me in disbelief, with his mouth wide open, as if he were trying to catch flies for a snack.

"And, especially," I continued, when it was obvious he was not going to say anything articulate anytime soon. "if the lady is a witch!"

The last word came out of my mouth as a hiss. The clouds above me began to swirl and transfigure into horrible images. The business man's face filled with horror and he let out a terrified scream. He turned and sprinted back the way he had come.

"Fine! You can bloody well keep the damned briefcase!" he yelled at me as he fled.

As he ran out of sight, I finally lost myself to my laughter, rolling about upon the roof. I made the mistake of rolling right off the edge. I only truly fell for a second or two, but then I simply wafted back and forth like a feather would, and landed softly on the ground. I didn't have to worry about the things normal humans did, simply because I wasn't normal. I was a witch.

I picked up the briefcase I had stolen from the businessman. I would open it once I returned to the island, though I would have to be careful not to do so in front of Daniel. He was always telling me that I was to use my magic only for good, and scolded me for stealing. I wasn't a bad witch or anything. I just liked the entertainment that came with stealing from the townspeople. They all had the same perplexed reaction when I used my magic in front of them.

I decided I wanted to do one more run for the night, so I picked up the briefcase, closed my eyes, and thought of the train station. When I opened my eyes, I was there. I knew this was a good place to take things, because travelers would often carry fancy clothes and bundles of money with them. A train was just arriving as I got there. I positioned myself in the background, ready to determine my next target. The doors opened, and two people walked out of the door nearest me. One was a teenage boy, with dark hair. He was carrying a bunch of rucksacks on his shoulder, and holding the hand of a little person next to him. When I looked to see this person, I immediately fell in love. The little girl must have been his sister, for she had the same pale skin and dark hair as he had. She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. I wanted her to be my little sister.

I watched the two of them walk away from the train. Judging by all their luggage I guessed that they must have been running away. It made it all the better to me; if the girl had no home now, I could bring her to the island and that would be her home. But what about the boy? Their was no way he was going to go down without a fight. He was looking so fondly at his sister, as though she was his whole world. If I were to take the girl from him I would have to hurt him probably, and I didn't really like violence. Besides, Daniel would question why I had brought a child back to the island without consenting to him.

I decided that I would have to take them both then. I would go back to the island and inform him that I wanted some new friends to play with, and maybe he would bring them back. I watched the boy and girl leave the station, before I closed my eyes, thought of the island, and disappeared.

The End

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