Introducing: Elliarno Heks


I sat on the corner of a wall. One leg hung down and the other was pulled up to my chest. I took a long drag of my cigarette. Yeah, I probably was too young to be smoking. I mean only seventeen is quite young. I sighed and ground it down in to the wall flicking it away. "What I doing?" I mumble slumping back on the wall. I look around me. The road was very dark and I didn't want to risk wandering around but.....

I jumped down and landed easily on my feet. I began down the road whistling. The tune echoed off the wall and I almost wanted to pull my guitar out but I stopped myself. Too dark, too dangerous to not keep moving. I found my feet taking me to a train station and notice all the benches, well two, were in use. One taken souly up by a small little girl. I stopped and stared for a moment blinking.

I then shrugged and pulled my blanket. I lay it over the girl and perched of the bench back. I made my legs hang over her the heels on the edge of the seat. Well, nothing to do now but wait till sun up. I swung my guitar case round. I pulled out the guitar and dumped it by my feet. I began with a gentle tune making it not to loud to wake the sleep girl.

I continued all night and when morning came I had gathered about £6.50. Quite good for such a small station. Suddenly the girl on the bench stretched then snuggled back into the blanket. It was then her eyes snap open and she sat up with a fright. She looked at the blanket then at me. A blush rose on her face and I held back a chuckle. "Um, is this your blanket?" she squeaks. I nod with a smile, being maybe slightly flirty. She quickly bundles it up and holds it out to me. "Thank you" she mumbles.

I chuckle jumping down off the bench. I take my blanket from her and shove it in my backpack as I pack up my guitar. "You looked cold" I tell her calmly. She looks away seeming timid and quiet. "Where you heading?" I ask standing.

She looks up at me shocked. "Um, I don't know... anywhere" she whispers.

"Cool, I'll join you. I'm going anywhere too" I say. I sit down and she yanks her legs out of the way and too her chest. "You new to the streets?"

She nods. "I couldn't deal with being teased anymore" she mumbles.

"Hmm, don't worry" I nudge her with my elbow. "I'll look after you. The names Elliarno or El for short"

"Daffodil" she whispers.

"Nice to meet you, Daffodil" I say with a smile. Slowly she smiles back and we wait till the next train.

**Written by CrystalRose**

The End

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