A Story for Rose

Alex Martin

Rose gripped me tightly, as if she was afraid she would be taken. Our bags were on the seat next to us, at the back of the bus where no one ever went. I saw a tear roll down Rose's face, so I swiped it away with a tissue.

 "It's okay. We're better off now." I assured her. She nodded, but her bottom lip was jutting out. My phone vibrated, so I took it out of my pocket without moving Rose.

 Get back here NOW you brats! If you do not return, ur father nd i will find u and u will pay!

 I laughed at the text, and put my phone back in my pocket. Rose was staring out the window, probably day-dreaming again.

 "How about a story, Rose?" I said, stroking her hair gently. Her face lit up and she smiled. She loved my stories.

 "Okay, this one starts with an evil witch, whose evil, horrid desires ruled her brain. She wanted everything in the world, and the world itself. She was a nasty, spiteful person, but everyone in the small fairytown of Rosefield knew not to cross her. Her desires were evil and strong, and so were her powers.

 "Not even the mighty queen, Queen Rose, was allowed to cross her, though she desparatly wanted to. But her servants stopped her every time she tried. Her relationship with her staff was a kind, friendly one, and they were her best friends, and they always looked out for her. One was called Maise, one was called Rubelle, but the only boy was a handsome young boy called Peter. Queen Rose was in love with Peter, but poor little Peter thought that he was only allowed to be a servant. The only way that Queen Rose could ever be with Peter was to knight him, or marry him, but the Queen liked Peter the way he was; she didn't want a rich partner who orders people around -she wanted a pure, kind soul who has no reason to be unkind.

 "Sadly, Peter knew nothing of the Queen's love for him, so he went on with his chores without a complaint. The Queen wanted so much to confess her love, but she needed to battle the evil witch. So, one starry night, she put on a knight's suit. It was a deep, metallic black colour, and her sword was made of the most expensive steel. She sneeked out that night to find a horse that could be her noble steed. She chose one that had the richest black fur. She got on, and rode into town.

 "The townsfolk were surprised yet delighted that the knight had arrived to battle the Queen, because they knew that the armour and weapons that were to be used were the most expensive, brilliant weapons in the world. They let the knight ride off to battle the witch, and cried and cheered at the knight's act.

 "Nobody realised that the knight was actually Queen Rose. Nobody except for Peter. On the way out of the town, and into the deep forest, which was the witch's domain, Peter stopped the horse, and grabbed the knights hand. He pulled off the helmet, and kissed the Queen passionately. This gave her all the bravery and courage she needed. Peter pleaded and begged the Queen to let him slay the witch, but the Queen said no. She wanted to finish the witch herself."

 I stopped, because Rose had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I took a blanket out of one of the bags, and draped it over her, and watched her sleep. That was when I fell asleep too.

**Written by DaneTrotter**

The End

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