Every month, children at the orphanage received pocket money. (the first few years' worth were given to the child when they were four). It was only thirty pence but at the weekends, groups of kids would go to town and buy sweets and maybe sometimes toys if they saved up. I had never gone on these trips and so had saved up a large amount of money in my dog-shaped piggy bank - over £50. I knew that wouldn't get me very far as I ran away but at least I wouldn't starve. Initially.

That evening, I packed up all my clothes into a large brown leather trunk all children were given to put their personal possessions in.

I also snuck bread rolls from lunch into my pockets for food.

I went to bed as normal but in the dead of the night, I woke up and, slipping a thick jumper and jeans over my nightclothes, stole out of my room, quietly pulling the suitcase behind me.

Luckily, the workers didn't care enough about us to have security cameras or keep watch overnight and so I left the building undetected.

I shivered as the cold night air hit me. What should I do? I decided to walk to the local train station and wait there. I had no idea where I wanted to go.

I arrived just as the last train was pulling away from the platform. The ticket areas were empty. I lay down on a bench. Nobody noticed the small girl in the corner - they were too busy on going home or to wherever they were staying that night. I fell asleep, wondering what on earth I would do in the morning.

**Written by Tianna**

The End

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