Introducing: Raiyin Rosehall


The whistling and fumes particular of a train station never ceased to impress and scare me. The night was very chilly and the thin sweater I wore did me no good, I reached for my bag and pulled out an oversize jacket. I pull it on me, smelling my boyfriend's lotion. I remembered the first day we met, he was the most popular jock at my school, and I was grateful and fortunate that he had noticed a shadow like me. I remember it was a rainy day after a season's game, his team had won. I was watching him being cheered and congratulated by his teammates, the beautiful yet mean cheerleaders, and the rest of the popular gang. I dare not approach them to join in their mirth in fear of being bullied, called names at, and chased away. Instead, I stood behind the shadows of a tree, watching with jealousy as the various female teenagers hugged him and touched his arm.

The rain was falling hard by the time the group of people left, I had no umbrella and thus was forced to stay underneath the protecting branches and leafs of the tree.

A shadow appeared above me, the drizzle of the rain the fell through the leafs had suddenly stopped. I tilt my head upwards and saw -to my surprise- a black umbrella. Slowly I turn around to see the owner of the umbrella, it was him. He walked me home, the happiest journey of my entire life. Afterward we met secretly in the park, this joy lasted only three months.

On the third month, he wanted to take me to a party on the other side of the city. He would drive us there, but the unexpected happened. Heavy rain falling, a truck did not see us but when it did it was too late. The truck tried to skid to a stop but it couldn't and hit the driver's side with force. I was interned in the hospital for a week due to minor injuries, he was dead.

After six months I still remember the pain. I clutched his jacket tighter, feeling him closer to me in the journey I had started. Not being able to bare the blame and accusations from my classmates and peers, I decided to runaway from town. Carrying my belongings and his dearest presence, I built up courage and entered the night.

I had enough money to buy a train ticket and leave the painful memories behind. I sat on a bench waiting for the next train, I had no fixed destination. I only wanted to get away and start over again.

**Written by LuneXian**

The End

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