Pack Your Bags

Alex Martin

Rose walked into my room at around -what would be- lunchtime. She had a dummy in her mouth, and she was dragging a tattered teddy along the floor. She wore a flowery silk dress that had loads of creases in it.

 "Alex! Hide me from mummy!" she said, running toward my bed. She jumped in and hid under the covers. I rolled my eyes and covered her up. Our adoptive mother came running in with a crazy look in her eyes. Drunk again.

 "Where is the little brat?!" she shouted, making a fist at me.

 "I don't know, Mary." I said. I hated calling her 'mum'. Mary's eye twitched, the she walked on toward Rose's room. I frowned.

 "Thank you Alex. Are we going to go soon?" she asked. I sighed, sad thoughts entering my mind.

 "Yeah." I said finally. "You should get packing. I'll come with you." I said, afraid that Mary would hit her again.

**Written by DaneTrotter**

The End

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