Introducing: Alex and Rose Martin

Alex Martin

My room was the only safe haven I had in my own home. I lay on my small, cheap bed, trying not to listen to the shouting, and the sound of glass crashing downstairs. I picked up my tattered old copy of The Northern Lights, and started reading it for the fourteenth time.

 I looked around my room. It was mostly bare, and the only luxuries my 'parents' allowed me to have was a bed, and a laptop, which was usually confiscated. But now, I hadn't done anything wrong with my laptop, according to my parents. I hadn't 'been on it for too long', or 'been on too many chat sites', or stupid things like that. My parents hated me, and they weren't very secretive about that fact. I hated them too. The only part of my family that I truly loved was my three year old sister, Rose. She had the same raven hair as mine, but hers fell in bouncy ringlets to her shoulders. She was very pale, and had pure, icy blue eyes. I had those same eyes, and my hair was black, but it was straight and cut half an inch down my forehead. I was pale too.

I put down my book, and got onto my laptop. My parents had given me a limit to the amount of Internet time I was allowed, which was ten minutes a day, so I rarely did anything all the way through, like finish a conversation, and sometimes, I didn't even get to finish watching some YouTube videos. I decided the only thing that I could do was listen to two songs from Adele Adkins. Her voice was very natural, and it soothed me, distracting me from my tedious, boring, horrible life.

 But I had a plan to escape that life with my poor sister. I was going to run away. Tonight...

**Written by DaneTrotter**

The End

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