"She's getting away again!" Harry yelled.

"No *$&#."  Mildew yelled.  "No!  We'll get her later.  I'm hungry."  He told them, his voice low.  I didn't slow, and the mental connection weakened, and disappeared the farther I moved away. 

I kept running until I was out of the trees completely.  Thunder rumbled.  Everyone seemed to be hiding from the storm and inside, so I ran in the streets to get to base. My feet pounded against the grass, and then the concrete.  I breathed heavily, focusing on what was ahead of me, running threw puddles as I went.

Normally I would have loved this, but I had to get to base and report the attack.

Ad then I was scared *#@& less.

I was astonished when I heard a little gasp.  I skidded to a stop, turning and falling on my side.  I caught myself and shook off the water stuck to my fur. 

My eyes found a girl about 15, soaked in rain, watching me in shock.  She stayed frozen, watching me like I was rabid and going to tear her to bits if she so much as blinked.  Her large brown eyes were alight, with rain drops over her face, causing her brown hair to plaster itself against her oval face.  She had an upturned nose, that looked like it could be raised up high in the worst situation.

Her skin was a pale color, but lovely with her eyes and was covered in rain water.  Her clothes were rather dark, dark denim jeans and a black T-shirt, that wrapped around her tiny body, coming down over her hips.  She was short, wearing tennis shoes that looked like she ran in the rain often.

"It's okay boy," she whispered.  Her voice wrapped around my ears and I felt heavy compulsion to slow my heart rate down and just lay down.  Her voice sounded serene, a voice that could change a mood in a room of angry people. 

"It's okay," she said again, a little stronger.  I felt my blood slow a few paces.  She took a step forward, slow and cautious.  Her shoes squeaked and that almost made her jump.  She stopped herself in fear of provoking me.  She stared at me until she realized I hadn't torn out her throat. 

She took another step forward, avoiding a puddle near me. She reached out her hand to my face.  When I backed up, her eyes danced.  "It's okay."  I wanted to believe her, and gave in a little, but stayed alert.  I leaned into her open hand, letting her fingers to sink into my fur.  I heard her sigh in awe, and glanced at her to see her in awe.  She stroked her fingers into my think hair, running from the black to the gray to the white amazed. 

It must not have felt the best, since I was also soaked, but to her it just seemed to make it better.

I heard a door open, and snapped out her spell.  It felt like she veiled all of my fear, anger, and frustration and only left me in what was happening right then. 

I felt that veil tear down by the click of a lock.  I jumped out of her hand.  She looked at me confused, her human ears not hearing what I did.

"Clytie!  Get your @*# in here!"  A man screamed from a broken down house from the door.  The girl looked up, frightened, and I ran.  I felt her eyes on my back, but didn't turn away.

"Clytie!  I heard him stomp down the rickety steps, his weight causing it to creak.  I heard his boots slam into the ground, and heard her gasp.  I heard a smacking sound, and stilled.

The End

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