Rain On Your Parade

Ash and the gray one caught up, breathless.  "You got her."  The gray one stated.

"Of course I did."   Mildew said, angry.  "Was there any doubt?"

"No, no Mildew." 

He sat down, and lifted his black nose in the air.  "That's better."

"Wow, Mildew, Ash?  What's yours? Pain?" I snorted.  "You guys fit all of the werewolf stereotypes."

"Stereotypes?"  The gray one shook his head in confusion and squinted at me.  "What the hell is wrong with your fur?" 

"What the *&$# is wrong with your brain?" I retorted.  Not the best thing I could come up with, but hell, I'm 15 and just got knocked into a tree. 

"Nothings wrong with my brain!"  He said to me.  he hesitated, and then sent a message to Ash.  "Is it?"

"No harry, you're fine."  Ash said sarcastically.  It flew right over Harry's head, who had his tong outside his mouth, slap happy at having caught me.

"Shut the *#$@ up."  Mildew told the others.  He swung his head to me.  "That was a nice run.  You have nice legs, you know that?"  He licked at his lips.  I suppose that was supposed to be intimidating, which would have been if he had been a man, but right now it just looked weird.

" I suppose you noticed because you were always behind me?" I replied.  I got up, slowly and carefully so no one would lunge at me. 

He chuckled in my mind, which was deep and just seemed to echo.  Ash and Harry's ears bent back, and the put down their heads. 

I sat up completely, feet firmly on the ground, tense and ready for an attack. 

"That's a good one." He lunged at me, aiming for my shoulder blades.

Werewolves are territorial, so it was bad enough that I was on their land.  But then I went and insulted the pack leader, so now he felt the need to prove himself to his pack.

Damn it, why did I have to ruin any chances I had of survival?

I turned my head and head butted him.  He fell back and I leapt at him. 

The others looked like they were going to jump in, which made Mildew growl.  He obviously wanted to bring me down by himself.  We circled each other, my shoulder blades were bleeding, and stung when I rotated them as I walked.  I ignored it and watched him.

"What were you running from?"  He addressed to me. 

I snorted.  "You and you're pack, what else?"  He leaned forward, and I leaned back. 

"You said you were running before, what why were you running?" His voice sounded eerie, especially in the middle of a thunderstorm, with rain filling my nostrils.

"What the *#$# is it to you?" I asked, bewildered. As surprised as I was, I wasn't about to drop my guard.  We continued circling each other, not even flicking eyes to the others.  I rarely had people asked me why, oddly enough.  People knew that whenever I did something, I had a good reason, and to not question it.  Or me.  I hated being questioned, but that's just the wolf in me. 

"Just want to know what would make a lovely lady like yourself run off into a well known Mildew territory."

"None of your *$&@ing business."  Why the *$#@ would I be telling him my business?  So he can tell my dad that I'm dead?  I can tell you right now, I have no intention of dying tonight, or tomorrow, or having a wolf enter my body. 

"Okay, okay, not a lady."  He grinned, and moved toward me again.  I backed up a few steps, and barked at him.  "We gonna dance?"

"You mean fight?  Because I sure as hell aren't dancing with you."  I lunged toward his neck, teeth flashing.  I got a grip around it and bit down hard.  He thrashed around, getting on his two back feet and swinging his head around, trying to get me off. 

I didn't loosen my grip, but tightened it. 

"Get back!" Mildew growled in our minds.  It was addressed for Ash and Harry, but I heard it anyway.  "She's mine." 

"Think you can take me all by yourself, huh?" I sent him.  He shook his head, and built up to one full swing, flinging me farther out of the forest.  I fell on my side, sliding in the mud a few feet.  My side pulsed, and my head pounded at my mind, screaming for me to get the hell out of there. 

But I laid there, squinting my eyes and slowing my pulse.  I took a few ragged breaths, and then slowed them down as well to an even pace. 

Mildew flicked his gold eyes to me and then to the ground.  He tried to nurse his wounds but ended up making it worse.  He almost let out a whimper, but caught himself.  I wasn't the only one who noticed his almost cry of weakness.

"Mildew," Harry said, stepping forward.  Mildew turned on him and growled.  

That was all it took. 

I leaped up and bolted out. 


The End

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