The Three Mucketeers

When I was in full form, I trotted over to a puddle, admiring my eyes in the water.  Instead of glowing gold, mine were silver.  They could never explain that. but I could care less.  It made me different, like I knew I was. 

I am a natural white haired blond, but as a wolf, my head was black thanks to the dye, and everywhere else I was white.  Well, except for my shoulder blades and chest, there it was gray, from the blending of the black and white. 

I stomped threw the water, and ran. 

I put all of my frustrations, passion, irritation, and feelings in my running.  My paws beat against my dirt, leaving prints and echoes through the forest. 

I don't know how long I ran, but I ran long enough that the rain became heavier.  Soaking my fur, and the mud.  I slipped more than once, sinking myself into muck. 

It only took more than a few minutes of running for the rain to wash the worst of it off, and another few minutes for me to make it muddy again. 

My paws were turning around when I hit some piles of rocks.  I was about to turn around and run back when a deep growl sounded above me.  I looked up, backing up slowly. 

"Look what we have here, Mildew."  Snarled a groveling voice in my mind. 

Werewolves can send each other messages and images, and sadly, I am more attuned than most.  I can hear a lot of messages sent to other werewolves that I am not supposed to hear. 

Example: Like this. 

When I backed up far enough, I could see a black wolf, with a gray and brown one to his left and right.

The gray one was the one with the groveling voice, a grin with lots of teeth, yellow, of course. 

"Down, pup."  What I suspect was Mildew said.  The gray one whimpered and closed his trap.  He stayed alert, his ears bending back every now and then.

"What do you want to be done with her, boss?"  I growled, a deep throat wrenching one that had the gray one backing up until Mildew barked for him to stop being a pansy.

"Calm down, girly, we just want to know what you're doing on our land.  Not hunting, I hope."  Mildew said calmly, a warning in there that if I ran, they would chase. His voice sounded gruff, deep, and threatening even though he sounded like he was trying to sound playful.

"Just out for a run," I said testily, my ears bending back.

"Well these are our parks, and what is on our territory, is our territory." The brown one said, southern accent. 

I barked at him, backing up from the rocks. 

"How about we all run, together?"  The black one said, swinging his head from the brown one and to the gray one.  "Sound good, boys?"

They didn't answer, but kept watching me.  Mildew looked at me, his tong out of the corner of his mouth.  "Sound good, little girl?"

"You know very well that they aren't just thinking about running."  I snarled.  The brown one growled a warning.

"You gonna let her talk to ya' like that Mildew?"

"Shut the hell up, Ash!" He barked.  Ash whimpered, when Mildew took a step toward him.   While he was turned I ran. 

"Mildew, she getting' away!"  I ran on the adrenaline of being chased by Night Watchers, staying alert at the idea that they would kill me, but not until they did what they wanted to me before death.

I ran quickly, the night flying by at the corner of my eyes, I leaped over some trees.  The rain was coming down hard, and thunder rumbled the air. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mildew to the right of me, running at the same pace. 

"What are you waiting for? Jump her, Ash."  He growled, no playful tone now, but he didn't know I could hear him.  My ears bent back, and I located Ash's position and ran to the left. 

A few seconds after I moved, Ash's body landed where I was.  His body hit the ground with such a heavy impact it echoed in the forest, but could easily be mistaken for thunder. 

He slipped in the mud, but caught himself before he fell. 

He shot me a scowl, and moved to his left, closer to me.  I sped up, going under a tree when lightning struck it. I kept running, and didn't look back.

I was coming to the end of the forest, the trees decreasing as I ran.  I wasn't about to slow down, quite the opposite.  I sped up until I couldn't run any faster.  I was almost out when something ran at me from my right, ramming into my side. I went flying, my back smacking against a tree trunk.  I whimpered, and my vision blurred.  I blinked back stars, to see Mildew walking toward me, his black fur wet and  a doggy grin on his face.


The End

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