Father And Daughter Time

"Come on Jasmine."  I hurried after him down the alley, my tennis shoes smacking against the wet concrete.  

My father was crouched behind an old rusted car, watching the building across the street.  His brown eyes alight, dancing gold wisps in his excitement.  It was dark, around 2am, and a light drizzle of rain.  I threw back my dyed black, wet hair, out of my face and ran across the street to my dad, dodging a car. 

The driver honked as I hurried around the car.  My dad grabbed me and held me against him as the building blew to bits.  Car alarms rang out across the street.  The car that honked flipped over from the impact, glass shattered from the windows. 

"Run!"  My dad yelled, he grabbed my hand and took off.  I let go and ran beside him, running from the fires and screams.  I turned back to see flames clawing at the clouded night sky, smoke billowing high.  The building next to it catching some sparks, and starting it's own fire. 

"Dad, it's spreading!"  I stopped and turned back to him. 

"Jasmine, we have to go!"  He turned around and grabbed my arm, hurrying me down the sidewalk. 

"But Dad!"  I yelled over the screams. 

"Jasmine!" He said sternly, yelling at me.  I dragged me forward.  I pulled my arm out of his hand and ran ahead of him.  I kept running until I hit a payphone.  I quickly went threw my pockets for some change.  I looked back to the fire and saw it moving to the other building on the other side of it.  I put the change in with shaking hands, and dialed 911. 

"911, what's your emergency?"  A female voice asked.

"There's a fire, and it's spreading fast.  I need a fire truck, the police, anything you have," I said desperately. 

"Where are you?"

I quickly told her the street. 

"What house is it?" 

"You'll know it when you see."  I let out a hysterical laugh. 

"Sweetie, what's your name?"

"Just get the hell out here!"  My dad caught up and fought me for the phone.  The streetlight lightened the area where the phone booths were, and showed me the frustration on my Dad's face by the tightness of his jaw.  He hung up the phone, and looked around to see if anyone saw me or him.  He pushed me too the shadows, held on to me as he speed walked.  He looked around, seeing if anyone was watching us. 

"What the hell were you thinking?!" He said as he shoved me into a dark alley. 

"The fire was spreading, what was I supposed to do?!  Let them die?!"

He slapped me across the face, his eyes glowing gold.  He put a finger in my face. "If you're gonna be a Night Watcher, you need to stop being a sissy about a few people dying."

"Dad, there is more than a few people in those buildings!" I yelled, I pulled at my hair and threw down my hands. 

This happens a lot.  He still hasn't learned that I'm not going to let innocent people die. 

"You can't save them all, Jazz."  He put down his hand and stated calmly.  His eyes slowly went back to brown. 

"Doesn't mean I can't try," I retorted. 

H threw his hands in the air, and fell back on to the brick wall.  He set his head back and let the rain fall on his face. 

He rubbed his nose, and closed his eyes.  "I just don't get you.  You will go to hell and back to kill people, but can't stand it when you kill a human."

"Not just humans, Dad.  Anyone who doesn't deserve to be punished." I added bite to my voice, that made him look up at me.  His eyes started a flame that he quickly doused.

"Baby, you can't be doing this."

"Doing what, Dad?  Saving people?  People, Dad, not sacrifices?" My voice echoed with a power that shocked myself, as well as my father.  He stared at me, unsure who he was looking at.  I shook my head.  "I'll see you at the den."  I took off running, out of the broken down town and to the trees, the forest.  I let the rain hit me as I ran, breathing in the smell of rain, wet grass, and smoke. 

My legs shook from the pleasure of letting all of my frustrations out by running, the ground shaking me from my feet to my thighs. 

I stopped.  I caught my breath, taking off my dark blue jacket, and black tank under it.  I puled off my dark denim jeans, my underwear and bra following.  I climbed the tree and set my clothes and shoes in a crack of the base of a limb. I moved down, and smacked against a stick.  It broke in half and I barely noticed.  The bottoms of my feet were hard and tough from running barefoot. 

I threw back my head and howled as my body twisted, changed, and grew, and shrunk. 

The End

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