Running in The Rain

The Opening

I don't know how to approach this, but here it goes.

I am Jasmine Rosemary Chamomile. 

Odd?  Not really if you know my mother.  She's a real witch. Literally. 


This isn't going as well as I planned it.  An odd sensation tells me that this is really, really stupid.  You know, document everything?  But I just thought that if I lived long enough that I'll be able to read this in the future.

I figured that since my life is so . . .

Interesting.  That I should write all down.  I know this will be read in the future, maybe by my future daughter, mother, granddaughter, etc.  So I thought it would be a nice story to tell.  

Too bad I don't know how to tell it. 

I hope to keep it short and sweet, but my life is still going, I'm not dead.  Yet.  So there may be more, I don't know.  I'm naming this "That Shade of Gray."  Why?  Because I am that shade of gray.  My eyes can tell that story pretty well.  One of the things I love about me is my eyes.  Gray, but white in the middle.  Witch eyes, my mother would tell me wisely, with a nod of her head. 

Anyway, I love them.  The only physical feature I love.  My hair is white blond, the color of snow.  I snub nose, and full lips, with a heart shaped face.  I thought I looked too innocent, so I died my hair black.  My mother was ticked, but it made me feel relieved.  I am not innocent, and hated looking like it.  I felt like I was lying to everyone who judged me on looks. 

Anyway, I'm pretty tall, but not too tall.  I barely have a chest, which I see as a good thing rather than a curse.  I have to squeeze threw tight places sometimes, so it's  good thing I don't have to fit double D's in. 

This is probably confusing to you if you don't know me.  Or are me. 

I have a total of one friend.  One.

And I couldn't ask for anyone better.  I don't tell her everything, but how can I?  She's different like me.  But not too different.  Just a little different.


Well, if you are, I can start at the beginning. 

I wasn't always living with my mom.  I used to live with my dad.

The End

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