We sat there at the breakfast bar in the modern black-marble finished kitchen. The morning light  bouncing of the perfect polished surface. I held the coffee mug in my hands, close to my chest trying to steal the warmth out of it. The aroma filled the room and for a moment I forgot that last night happened as I sat there with James.

"It was good party James wasn't it, how did you and Hayley get on after I left, you seemed to be getting on pretty well" I inquired, blocking out that my world had been turned upside down. " You woke me up at quarter past five to ask me about Hayley!" He said with a hint of anger, he punched my arm lightly in mock annoyance. I winced as he hit me, I checked my arm, it was deep purple. "Damn that's bad, I'm going to kill him" James growled. "No need, that's why I'm here . . . last night well . . . it's the last time he'll ever lay a finger on me or Mum"
 - "You put him in hospital?"-  "No. I . . . he's dead"
- "You killed him?" his voice was steadily rising.
"Shh, don't wake your parents, look I don't know what to do, do you mind if I stay in your basement until I figure out what to do?"
 - " Yeah sure, just come down before my parents wake up, drink your coffee come on, if we want to make it someway habitable we have to hurry"

I drank down the lukewarm coffee, enjoying the fact that even if it didn't taste great that the warmth had been put to good use, my fingers were no longer stiff. I got up and followed James down into the basement.

The End

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