James' House

The sky was brightening in the East when I reached James' house. It was that eerie grey before dawn. My breath clouded in front of me as I stood shuddering below James' window. I threw the first pebble and missed his window completely. "Damn cold hands", I picked up another pebble and threw it. I was rewarded with a perfect hit.

I waited there with my arms wrapped around me thinking why hadn't I brought a jacket, I felt stupid for not thinking ahead. I surveyed the littered green around me, memoirs of the last night of freedom I thought. James didn't come, I picked up a slightly larger pebble and lobbed it. It went straight through, crap.

I heard James get up, groggy I was sure. He came to the window and must have stood on a piece of glass because I heard "Crap! What's going one?" He came to the window, I was lucky he was the type of guy that had it been a thief he would've want a piece of the action. He saw me shivering with the cold and raced down to the front door immediately.
 - What happened?
 -I'll t-tell you in a m-m-minute, just let me in first I'm f-freezing.

The End

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