A jolly trekker's footsteps mark the beat of his song as he approaches unwittingly

« Greetings, fellow explorer! » shouts the man.  He was slowly making his way through the forest, pushing branches and bushes out of his way.  “By Kahless’ beard, I have these forests, they are so difficult to maneuver through!”  


The first thing Kimber would’ve noticed about the trekker if he had been paying attention to anything going on, is the plastic Vulcan ear that was dangling from one of the man’s ear.  The other one must have fallen off sometime before.  Also, he was wearing a TOS Starfleet regulation science officer’s shirt, which hugged his man-boobs and not quite made it all the way to his bathlet belt buckle, revealing lint and hair coming out of his belly button.  


He approaches Kimber, looks him straight in the eyes, looking for a sign of recognizance.  “Hello?”  Nothing.  “Huh,” whispers the trekker, sad that today isn’t the day he would make a friend.  He dug into his black pants’ pocket and fished out a TNG communicator.  He tried to make it stick to his chest, but it wouldn’t hold and fell to the ground.  He picked it up and tried again, but same result.  Resolved, he picked it up a second time and talked into it.  “Real life sucks, I’m sweaty and there’s too many bugs out here.  One to beam aboard.”


A second later, the trekker disappeared amidst a shimmering storm of sparkles.  


The bumblebee riding faerie just couldn’t believe what he saw.  “What.  The.

The End

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