Kimber stumbles down into a hidden crevice

Kimber takes a determined step forward in direction of the furtive light, but his foot never quite makes contact with terra firma.  Instead, the ground opens up under him and gravity pulled him down the rabbit’s hole.


The fall lasted a couple of minutes and felt like going through barbed wire and baseball bat slaps.  Kimber eventually landed on his back, knocking the wind out of his lungs and hitting his head hard on a rock.  So he just stayed on the ground for a while until his senses settled and the universe stopped spinning.


The first thing he noticed is he could see, even though he was so deep below the surface that sunlight didn’t reach.  He sat up and looked around.  The light came from large purplish crystals protruding out of the wall of the cave.  Kimber is surprised by a voice behind him.


“What.  The .  Heck.  Do.  You.  Want?”

The End

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