Kimber finds a foreign country

Kimber ran for about 20 minutes before his out-of-shape body started to take measures to convince him it  had had absolutely enough. His throat parched and his legs limp, Kimber stopped abruptly and leaned on a tree as he coughed and panted heavily. 

He stayed in the exact same position for minutes, occasionally darting glances left and right. Trees surrounded him on all sides. He was all alone.

But as his breathing returned to normal, Kimber was startled to hear the sound of a truck in the distance. There was a road nearby!

Energized by this discovery, Kimber started running towards the sound, this time at a more moderate pace. As he emerged from the bushes, he discovered a narrow road that stretched between the trees in both direction. There was no car or truck in sight.  He started walking towards what he believed was South.

After about an hour, he spotted a small white cabin in the distance, by the road. As he got closer, he noticed there was a gate, and a tall fence with barb wires on the top.

Unsure whether he should turn around or not, he stood motionless for a few minutes.

"Umbratz ketack! Bert zei gunig!" shouted a voice from behind.

Kimber was paralyzed and dared not turn around. He had not heard the man come. At this moment, his bloodied clothes did nothing to ease his unseen protagonist's mind, he was sure.

"Umbratz ketack!" shouted the voice again. This time, he felt the cold hard tip of a gun on his lower back.

Kimber slowly put his hands up, and turned around. A man wearing what could only be described as a grotesque costume was pointing a heavy firearm on his torso. His peculiar mustache was twitching as he shouted orders or questions in a language Kimber had never heard in his entire life. A strangely silent jeep-like vehicle was parked on the side of the road, about 30 feet away.

And that's when things got a lot more complicated.

The End

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