He is found by Faeries

Moments later, an eerie music filled the air around the unconscious man, failing to rouse him.  Soon, sparkling lights began to flicker in and out of existence, and a chance witness would have thought himself crazy as the lights formed small, winged creatures no larger than the tip of a pen. They had strange, deep black eyes that glittered like opals, but they looked mostly like humans with wings. The creatures hovered over Kimber for a while, before another of their own materialized in their midst, this one riding a large bumblebee and wearing a convoluted helmet of some strange design. The rider also held a needle high like a knight's lance and was obviously a warrior of some sort.

The rider looked down on the sprawling shape of Kimber and then said something only a man with superhuman senses could have heard but which jerked the other faeries into action. They began circling around the man, and one found its way into the fugitive's right ear, where it promptly disappeared, with the buzzing of its wings echoing down the man's ear canal.

Moments later, Kimber slowly raised himself from the ground, like a puppet on a string. His movements were sluggish and clumsy as he got up, his head swaying, his neck limp. His eyes were closed, and he appeared to be in a deep sleep. Yet, he took a few steps forward and then stopped, waiting.

"We have need of you again, man-Kimber,  shouted the bumblebee-riding faerie to an unseen observer. And this time, you will not escape the fate you have been assigned by the Queen once your task is done."

At the very moment, panic erupted among the faeries.

The End

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